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Knitting pattern stole in orange and brown

How to Knit with Two Colors | Knitting (April 2019).


This stole wraps you tight and reliable in stormy and cool autumn weather. The bright orange is sure to attract everyone's attention. The wool comes from the collection "Kandy Mountain" by Wolke Hegenbarth.

Stole in brown and orange

The color orange provides a good mood, fights the winter blues and heralds the autumn. How about a sewing instruction for warm and gray-orange slippers? Also in the knitting pattern for a puppet in the style of Tommy Hilfiger comes the cheerful color. But now let's start with the stole by Veronika Hug.

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Size: 60 x 130 cm

Material: 150 g each of orange (color 28) and brown (color 11) "Collection Wolke Hege- bensh - Kandy Mountain" (65% cotton, 35% merino, LL = 110 m / 50 g) by PRO LANA, knitting needles 5.

Edge stitch: 1. Take off each stitch, knit the last stitch on the right.

Wave pattern: The pattern set goes over 18 stitches. Therefore, the mesh number must be divisible by 18, plus 1 stitch, so that the pattern will rise evenly on the right and left, plus 2

Edge stitches. 1st row (back row): right stitches; 2nd row (back row): right stitches; 3rd row (back row) * Knit 1 stitch on the right, 3 x 2 stitches on the right, then knit 5 turns alternately 1 turn and 1 stitch on the right, then work another 1 turn. Then knit 3 x 2 stitches together (= take off 1 stitch, knit the following stitch to the right, then pull the lifted stitch over), repeat from *. End with 1 stitch on the right; 4th row (back row): left stitches. Repeat 1st to 4th rows.

Stripe sequence : alternately stretch 36 rows of wave patterns in orange and brown.

Wave stitch pattern: 15.5 stitches (M) and 20 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Execution: Cast on 93 sts in orange and knit 5 rows in sts. Then continue working in the wave pattern in the strip sequence. After 7 color stripes = 252 rows of wave patterns, or after 128 cm from the stop, end with 5 rows of right-hand stitches. Then cast off all sts loose.

Design: Veronika Hug

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