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Knitting Blogger Instructions: Knit loop of thick wool

How to Use Loop Yarns [A Tutorial and Review + FREE Pattern, the Knitflix Throw] (April 2019).


Knitting blogger Jessica runs the site In her tutorial she shows you how to knit a cuddly loop scarf out of thick Merino Alpaca wool.

This loop made of thick Merino Alpaca wool is equally suitable for him and her.


You need 3x100g of the merino-alpaca wool NEUKÖLLN, here in the color "Mandarin". If you want to know how to easily wind the yarn from skein to skein, then check out Jessica's wrap-up tutorial for this woolen skein!

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Needles: knitting needles in size 15 with 80ger length.


Step 1: Pick up 50 stitches on the round needle.

Step 2: Then close the stitches to a round. That is, knit the last stitch with the 1st stitch taken.

Step 3: Now only knit right stitches.

Step 4: Proceed in the same way until you are about 47 cm long.

Step 5: Where the starting thread hangs down, start with the decapping. Go up with your finger and find the first stitch to bind off. Knit 2 stitches on the right and then pull the first stitches over the second stitch and the needle of the right knitting needle. You do not need to be afraid that it falls down, the second trick holds her!

Step 6: This is how it looks when the first stitch is knitted.

Step 7: Then put another stitch on the right and put the stitch over it again. Do this until only 1 stitch remains on the needle. Then cut the thread and pull it through the last stitch. Sew well, so that the loop does not open again.

Step 8: This is how the edge looks at the end. If it's not quite so odious, it does not matter, because the edge curls up anyway. The main thing the end thread is well sewn.

"Now you can pull the loop over your head, do a few rounds in the city and enjoy the admiring glances! Done! And if one asks, you say: homemade!"

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