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Do it yourself Instructions napkin rings in green-gold

Make a Cute Shamrock Napkin Ring Holder - DIY Home - Guidecentral (June 2019).


The solemn and cozy part of the year begins with the first Advent. We get out our crafting utensils and give ourselves completely to the creative work.

Napkin rings in gold-green


  • gold tinsel
  • Wooden ball with hole (Ø ball 2 cm)
  • gold-colored thin decorative wire
  • gold colored thin cord (10 cm)
  • Book branch (20 cm)
  • larch cones
  • Cloth napkins (40 × 40cm)
  • hot glue
  • scissors

1. The tinsel in small bundles summarize and thread through the opening of the wooden ball. Repeat this process until the hole in the ball is almost closed.

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2. Push the ball approximately into the middle of the lamella bundle. Then lay the upper part of the tinsel threads evenly over the ball until the wood disappears. The opening of the ball points upwards.
Before the tinsel is pulled completely smooth, thread the piece of golden cord through the folded threads. Use the cord to attach the tinsel tassel later to the book ring.

3. Now gather the lamella threads under the ball, wrap them with gold wire, and wire the ends. So that the tinsel tufts look neat, cut the tinsel threads with scissors to 10 cm.

4. For the book ring, bend the book branch to a small wreath with its ends slightly overlapping and fix the ends with gold wire.
Now you loop the golden cord with the tinsel tassel around the book ring and knot it. Stick a small larch cone with hot glue on the knot.

5. Fold the napkin in half and roll it up. Now brush the book wreath with the tinsel tassel over the napkin, and your guests can come.

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