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In love, engaged, … well, you know. If two people decide to get married, that's a wonderful thing. We have summarized the most important facts about the custom of the engagement.

"Alone, man is an imperfect thing. He has to find a second to be happy, "said mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. And if we are fortunate enough to have one human by our side with whom we want to grow old, an engagement is not outlandish. But where does this wedding custom come from? And how is he celebrated? The four most important facts about engagement are summarized.

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1. Origin of the engagement

The origin of the engagement is the bridal show or courtship, which originated around 850. At this time, marriageable men were moving around the country, picking the right bride. Who had found his heart leaf, had to agree with the father of the bride on a dowry. Further contract negotiations regulated financial and legal aspects associated with the marriage. A handshake between future bridegroom and father-in-law in Spe, husband and wife, who had no say, betrothed. The phrase "He stops for her hand" comes from this time.

In parts of Asia and Africa there is still the bride's look. The solving of an engagement is considered unthinkable there.

2. The engagement ring

A classic ritual is definitely the engagement ring. This custom dates back to antiquity; it is even claimed that the Egyptians already exchanged a ring. In the Middle Ages man and woman had a simple ring without any ornamentation. Another custom says that only the woman gets a ring on her left hand. The tradition of wearing a diamond ring as an engagement ring did not come until the mid-15th century.

3. Application forms

The knee drop is probably one of the typical application forms: The man falls to his knees and opens in front of the woman a box with the ring. An old custom is also the tree beating: The man drops a fir and puts it under the window of his sweetheart. If this person recognizes who has placed the tree and agrees, the engagement takes place. The ritual also states that the marriage is only under a good star if the wedding has taken place before the tree is bare.

In the Netherlands it is customary for the advertising man to go to his chosen one with a basket and a present. But if she sends him home, there will be no engagement. Hence the saying: "Get yourself a basket".

In Central America, it is customary to hold an official engagement party in the parents' home of the future bride. The father of the future arrives at the father of the bride for the hand of his daughter, and finally hands the bride over to the son, in the case of the consent of the two fathers. Then the fiancee's ring may be infected.

Read with us what the perfect marriage proposal can look like.

3. Celebration customs

In some countries it is customary to organize an engagement party, where the rings are exchanged again in front of the family and closest circle of friends. In the country, even an ad for engagement is shown. In addition, it is also possible and sometimes customary to announce the engagement through a personal letter with a photo in a personal environment.

4. What changes with the engagement?

In Germany, an engagement is not considered a legal right to a marriage. In fact, however, until 1998 it was in the law that a woman could sue her fiancé for damages (wreath money) if he broke the engagement and she lost her virginity through him. In addition, no one is entitled to any goods through an engagement, unless a wedding dress, the rings or any other logical purchase for the wedding as well as removal costs have already been made. Then even the parents-in-law can claim damages if they had comparable expenses.

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