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Diamond cut Which wedding ring suits me?

The Best Gemstone Engagement Rings (March 2019).


There are a variety of diamond cuts: brilliant, emerald and marquise are just a few of them. But which form fits which hands?

The most expensive diamond ever discovered and sold for the equivalent of 55.2 million euros to a rough diamond trading company in Dubai is the rough diamond "The Constellation". With a size of a tennis ball he weighs 813 carats. He was found in the Karowe Mine in Botswana (Africa) - there are the most beautiful and largest rough diamonds in the world. From many beautiful diamonds beautiful rings are created, which find a rousing paragraph at engagements. One thing is certain: the choice of diamond cut, the color and the purity are decisive for the value of the gemstone. But which facets of the cut do exist and who owns them?

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brilliant cut

The brilliant cut is the classic among the diamond shapes and the only form for which the renowned GIA ("Gemological Institute of America") has even developed its own graduation system. It was developed in 1910 and is characterized mainly by its flat board and the down-tapered shape (called Kalette). Other variants: Tolkwosyk, Parker, Ideal, Scandinavian and fine sanding.

Fancy Cuts

The "Fancy Cuts" are the unusual diamond cut. These are divided into brilliant cuts, step cuts and mixed cuts. The Brilliant Cuts include the marquise cut (also known as "Navette", so small boat), the drip and the heart cut. The step cuts include the rectangular emerald cut ("Emerald Cut") and the square Asscher Cut. The Mixed Cuts are a diamond cut in the shape of Princess Cut, Radiant Cut and Cushion Cut (like the famous Hope Diamond or the yellow Tiffany Diamond).

The right shape for every hand

For small hands are particularly uniformly ground, symmetrical stones. Medium to small hands are a diamond in tropical form, the cut is a mixture of oval and marquise cut. On long, delicate fingers, the Asscher cut looks pretty. Incidentally, the staircase-shaped, square cut is often confused with the rectangular emerald cut. Large rings or several rings stringed together make large, wide hands slimmer.

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