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Gift for the wedding. Mobile from folded bills

Money Gift Idea: Butterfly, dollar bill origami tutorial, easy! (March 2019).


Our colleague Olga was diligent and made this wedding present with great attention to detail. A gift that comes from the heart and is the ideal proof that money presents do not always have to be boringly packed.

Mobile from folded banknotes

Craft materials:

  • Box nature
  • Envelope nature
  • Folded card nature
  • satin ribbons

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    This is how the present looks packed.

  • decorative paper
  • Nature tape
  • decorative ribbon
  • small flowers
  • small card tags
  • bills


  • Glue
  • scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Thread and needle
  • Fine black pencil
  • Handicraft instructions for banknotes, eg hearts and butterflies
  • Selected cursive as a template
  • possibly filling material, eg tissue paper

Manual :

  1. First, the box is decorated. Just indicate where the flowers, the font and the small card pendant should be. Draw the writing on the box with the template. You can also prescribe the font first with a pencil and trace it with the fine pen. Fix the flowers and the card tag along with Tesafilm.
  2. Now after crafting templates butterflies and hearts tinker.
  3. For the card and the envelope, cut a strip of decorative paper and stick it onto the lower part. Best something neutral, otherwise the font is no longer effective.
  4. Glue a satin ribbon on the edge between paper and card / envelope to make the paper look more rounded. The envelope gets a deco bow in the middle and the card a folded butterfly from a banknote, which is fixed with some Tesafilm.
  5. Next, with the template again sketch the fonts with pencil and then draw with the fine pen. Make sure that the position is correct.
  6. Then connect the folded bills to the envelope with the help of a needle with a thin thread. Make sure that the bills are spread over the entire area and that the bottom side of the paper is punctured. Cut the threads of the bills to different lengths.
  7. Now provide the card with text or slogan. Fill the box with filling material. Then carefully place the card in the envelope and place it in the box. Make sure that the bills do not get tangled. Close the box and wrap once with decorative ribbon and natural ribbon and tie a bow.

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