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Wedding gift glasses bride and groom

How to make Glitter Wedding Wine Glasses | Bride & Groom toasting glasses | Dollar Tree Wine Glass (March 2019).


Personalized wedding gifts are great memorabilia to the most beautiful day in a couple's life. We'll show you how to easily create a bride and groom from two glasses engraved with names and dates. Have fun!

Glasses bride and groom

Craft materials:

  • 2 glasses
  • black and white photo carton
  • half beads, self-adhesive
  • Gift ribbon white
  • some tulle
  • Lace tape, self-adhesive
  • scissors
  • craft glue

That's how it's done:

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  1. For the groom, cut out a bow tie and rings from black or white construction paper and glue to glass. Attach beads.
  2. For the bride: Cut the tulle and tie it to the glass with a gift ribbon. Then attach the lace ribbon to the edge of the glass and glue on beads.

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