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Wedding gift Romantic gift wrap with lace ribbon

DIY Easy paper bow gift wrap | How to make | JK Arts 1051 #PaperBow (March 2019).


Simple Kraft paper and romantic decorative lace give your gift a festive glow and make it very noble and fine come along. The rose provides a beautiful color accentuation and emphasizes the naturalness of the packaging idea.

Gift wrap with romantic lace ribbon


  • Wrapping paper brown
  • white decorative lace, round
  • Crochet edge lace cream 2cm 3m (idea)
  • Gift ribbon made of natural bast
  • Flower of your choice
  • scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • craft glue

How to do it:

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  1. Pack the gift with the brown wrapping paper.
  2. In the white decorative tip, you now make with the scissors a cut to the middle, so that it can be formed into a funnel.
  3. Put some craft glue on the inside of the tip and glue it to any corner of the gift.
  4. Wrap the gift wrap made of natural bast twice around the package and tie it tightly with a bow.
  5. At the same time wrap the crochet ribbon around the packaging and fasten it with a bow.
  6. Finally, the flower is placed under the two ribbons.

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