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Money present for the wedding Maritime gift box with champagne glasses

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Gifts of money are always very well received by the bride and groom. But how do you pack the money as creatively as possible and without much effort? One idea is this maritime gift box.

Maritime gift box with champagne glasses

Craft materials:

  • 2 champagne glasses
  • small fruit box (eg of strawberries)
  • Fishing net from the craft supplies
  • Craft bow with maritime motif
  • Shellfish
  • maritime stickers
  • Decorative sand blue
  • Banknotes (5 or 20 Euro)

That's how it's done:

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  1. Stick the box with maritime stickers, cut the craft sheet to the size of the box and fix it with some glue on the bottom in the box. Then spread the mussels.
  2. Fill decoration glass into the glasses, decorate with shells and decorate with stickers. Then put in the box.
  3. Now stretch the net over the box.
  4. Fold the bills as little boats and stick them to the net with Tesafilm rolls or masking tape. Finished!

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