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For wedding gift basket with personalized tree slice

From Box to Personalized Gift Tags | Mindless Crafting (March 2019).


Gift baskets are among the most popular gift ideas ever. No wonder: they can be individually filled and look nicely packaged on every gift table. This gift basket comes in the trendy Greenery look - an idea by blogger Evi of Crafty Neighbors Club.

Gift basket with personalized tree slice

Craft materials:

  • Baumscheibe - Hirsch & Reh with personalization
  • Obststiege (gift box)
  • Wrapping paper of your choice, to lay out the box
  • Self-socking paper with pattern
  • Leaves and flowers of your choice
  • Gift ribbon 10 mm (green)
  • Gift ribbon made of natural bast
  • Transparent wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • Scotch tape


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  1. The fruit staircase is laid out with the selected wrapping paper so that the floor is completely covered.
  2. Now the flowers and the leaves are distributed decoratively over the paper and the personalized tree disk is placed in the middle of the stairs.
  3. Now you can put the gifts in the box before packing them.
  4. Place the filled box on the clear wrapping paper. Fold the two vertically opposite corners over each other and tie them with the 10mm ribbon by making a tight knot.
  5. On the knot we now put the gift ribbon from Naturbast and tied tightly with a bow.
  6. In this loop, you can now put more flowers that make the gift box shine summer.

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