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To the wedding Stylish invitation card with flowers

Wedding Invitations "Elegance" - ENG Series (March 2019).


Yes we marry! Once the date, place, time and process have been determined, the invitation cards can be created and sent to the guests. Here is an idea for the possible design of your wedding invitation.

Invitation card with ribbon and flowers

Craft materials:

  • Double Card Classic Blue square (310 x 155 mm), thickness: 220 g / m² (from idee)
  • Insertion cream square (208 x 148 mm), thickness 200 g / m² (from idea)
  • Band Blue (8mm)
  • Motivlocher heart 2.5 cm (VBS Hobby)
  • a sheet of kraft paper
  • black fineliner
  • Blossom at will
  • craft glue
  • scissors

How to do it:

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  1. At noon, stick the square insert sheet to the front of the Classic Blue double card.
  2. Using a motif punch, punch a heart into the lower right corner of the card. Also, punch a heart out of the kraft paper and place it next to the already punched out heart on the card. Fix with adhesive.
  3. Give the card the lettering "Invitation". For this you use the black fineliner.
  4. For the bow on the front of the card you need about 50 cm of the blue ribbon. Put the flower in the loop knot so that it can not fall out.

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