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To the wedding gift Maritime greeting card


Whether in the bookstore, supermarket or at the kiosk around the corner: beautiful greeting cards are available nowadays almost everywhere to buy. But if you want to make the bride and groom a special pleasure, you should grab scissors, glue and craft paper yourself and create a very individual card. How about, for example, with this maritime idea from blogger Jessica von FeierSun?

Greeting card "Marriage Ahoy"

Craft materials:

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  • Double card in pastel blue, square (310 x 155 mm), thickness: 220 g / mĀ²
  • a sheet of kraft paper
  • Wooden pendant with heart motif
  • Deco Ribbon Maritime (16 mm)
  • black pen
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun

How to do it:

  1. Lay the maritime decorative ribbon diagonally over the card and cut it flush at the edges. Fix with craft glue.
  2. Label the craft paper with "Marriage Ahoi", cut out wavy and stick it in the center of the card.
  3. The third element is to stick the wooden tag under the cut-out lettering with a little hot glue.

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