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Craft Idea for Wedding Wooden "Save The Date" card

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"Save The Date" cards are sent before the actual invitation card and announce the upcoming wedding date. This idea of ​​blogger Hanna von Miss Selfmade is modeled on nature and impresses with its simplicity. You can find out how to make the card out of wood yourself here.

Close to nature - luck on your heels


  • Jute cord natural (4 mm)
  • Cotton cord black and white
  • Gift tag white (9 x 4, 5 cm)
  • Tree Disc Oval (by VBS Hobby)
  • Deco ribbon with feathers (4 cm)
  • gray fineliner
  • 5 daisies
  • binding wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • scissors


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  1. Cut the decorative ribbon with springs to twice the length of the tree disc. Place the tape around the tree disk and fix it on the underside of the glass with hot glue.
  2. Tying daisies together with a small amount of binding wire to form a small bunch of flowers. Label the gift tag as desired.
  3. Wrap the jute cord twice around the tree disc, attach the gift tag and bouquet to the cord and fasten with a knot.

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