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For your wedding guests That must be in the emergency basket


Deodorant, Refreshment Tissues, Make-up: An emergency basket for your wedding guests helps turn night into day and eliminates unanticipated hassles. We have put together the most creative ideas for women and men for you.

For the ladies

There are various products that you as a bride at your own wedding can put in the emergency basket for your female wedding guests. Flip-flops are definitely one of them: after all, they want as many guests as possible to dance into the night - or even better, until the next morning.

The must-haves

Of course, deodorant, refreshing towels, a sewing kit and cream in the emergency basket should not be missing. We also recommend: hairbrush, hairgrips and hair ties as well as dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Complete your set

Also very important are patches, blister plaster, toiletries, hair spray, nail file, stain stick and hand cream.

Whether you call the set as an emergency basket or perhaps rather as a "feel-good basket" is up to you. Also, you can decide how to offer the individual products: whether in the wooden box, loose or in a basket. Your guests will be happy about the products anyway. Promised!

For the gentlemen

The male guests usually do not need so much to be happy: socks, lip balm, chocolate, energy drink, dextrose, chewing gum and deodorant should be enough.

First aid

What may not be missing: headache tablets. By the way, the female wedding guests "rejoice" too. So then: We wish you a happy celebration!

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