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First anniversary ideas for your wedding day

Ideas for Celebrating an Anniversary (March 2019).


The first wedding anniversary, also called paper wedding, is something very special! We have a few romantic and varied ideas for beautiful hours in togetherness.

Message in a Bottle

This idea is easy and inexpensive to implement, if your wedding is still ahead of you. Prepare a large mason jar on the day of your wedding and ask your guests to leave you a few lines. These can be wishes, sayings or just a few words of love. On your first wedding anniversary, you open the glass and can look forward to beautiful lines of your loved ones and to remember the past year and the wonderful wedding celebration.

Mini photo shoot

Make a sign reading "Year One" or "Year One" and take pictures in your favorite environment. Of course, Toll is a place that connects you both as a couple because you have a nice memory of it. This ritual will repeat you and your partner every year. So you create your own personal memory of your wedding day and the happy time together. Psst, by the way: Maybe your husband does not forget the wedding day so fast …

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Memory Mindmap

A lot can happen in a year, but of course you can not remember everything. How about capturing the best memories of your first year as a couple with a self-painted picture? Whether dinner together, concerts, travel or other dreams that you could fulfill: Write down what has moved, touched and thrilled you. Keep the picture or hang it up. This could be a pretty ritual, right?

A thought for every day

If you're looking for a special anniversary gift for your husband, we might have an idea that needs some time. Write 365 little notes. Each comes with a short declaration of love, a quote, an anecdote or a positive thought. Her husband may then every day a piece of paper from the glass fish - and rejoice.

Dinner with friends

Celebrate your paper wedding, as the first anniversary is also called, with family and friends over a delicious dinner. It does not have to be a 3-course menu right away. Ask if everyone wants to bring a little something, or keep the food in a small circle. The evening should finally be nice and not stressful.

Repetition of the honeymoon

Present yourself and drive away together - maybe even to the place where you spent your honeymoon. Too far away? Too expensive? Too expensive? No problem: the location is not crucial, but that you enjoy your special day together. You can do that in Greece as well as in the Black Forest or, where it is literally the most beautiful: at home. Take a trip to the nearest lake, go hiking or park your cell phones and spend the day together on the couch.

Write a diary

As a teenager, we have written pages about our crush. So what speaks against filling a diary with our marriage experiences? Write in whatever you like, from wonderful events to quarrels. If you read your notes in the second year of your marriage, you will surely shed a few tears and laugh heartily at one point or another.

Dance with me!

Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but: Put on both your wedding clothes again. Most of the time, such a bridal gown falters anyway a sad existence in the closet, right? So off in dress and suit, and then turn up the music. And dance!

Romantic picnic in the summer

You have a garden? Perfect! Set up lanterns, torches and tealights, lay a blanket or set up a bench. In addition a few snacks and a little wine - it could not be more romantic. A bit of kitsch keeps the partnership fresh. And if you do not enjoy the luxury of having your own garden, a lawn in the park or a balcony will work just as well.

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