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How to Download Free Music on Any Android Device (May 2019).


Did our suggestions awaken your creative streak? Then you will find here free downloads with lots of instructions for knitting, crafting and making your own! From fine-meshed designer pullovers to unique home and decorative accessories, there is something for every taste.

Knitting Downloads

The free knitting patterns, from simple pullovers to extravagant and current designer models, you can download here for free and easy to knit.

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Top 5 knitting instructions

  1. Knitting with the Strickliesel
  2. Knitting pattern for a cuddly baby blanket
  3. Knitting instructions for cute baby socks
  4. Knitting pattern for beanie caps
  5. Knitting pattern for cute baby hat

Decoration Ideas Downloads

Instructions for many deco ideas to beautify your home, you can download here for free.

Top 5 DIY ideas

  1. Instructions for crochet flowers
  2. Make yourself a cool jeans pocket
  3. Sewing instructions for cute baby shoes
  4. The crochet classic: Instructions for potholders
  5. Pillow crochet pattern

Recipes Downloads

Germany's most famous star chef has developed more than 100 Italian recipes for her. These can be found here for free for cooking. Let yourself be inspired by the delicious Poletto recipes from Bella Italia.

Top cooking recipes

  1. Grillrezpte
  2. Dessert in the glass
  3. Recipe for banana bread
  4. Low Carb Noodles from vegetables
  5. Almased recipes
  6. Barbecue recipes without carbohydrates

Top baking recipes

  1. The best cheesecake recipes
  2. Pies for the kids birthday
  3. Tasty cake without baking
  4. Delicious fruit cake with seasonal fruits!
  5. FOR YOU Cake Recipes Collection

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