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Dessert Recipes The greatest desserts for the fall

20 Tasty Fall Desserts (May 2019).


Well, are you looking for an autumnal dessert? We will show you a lot of great recipes for the cooler season - for example with apples, plums, pears, pumpkin.

Pumpkin pie

The pumpkin can not only be processed into hearty dishes, but also provides a great foundation for sweets.

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie >>

Almond crumble with redcurrants

The juicy fruit and delicious sprinkles make the recipe for almond crumble with redcurrants simply irresistible.

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Berry groats with cherries

Strawberries, raspberries or blackberries - cook a fruity berry porridge and serve with lukewarm porridge custard or semolina pudding.

Recipe: berry groats with cherries

Gluten-free pumpkin muffins

How about these juicy pumpkin muffins? They are delicious, easy to prepare, gluten-free and perfect for fall!

Recipe: Gluten-free pumpkin muffins >>

Nut Biscotti

Hazelnuts and almonds create the perfect crunch for dessert or coffee with these small biscuits.

Recipe: Nut-Cantuccini >>

Rum pot

The classic rum pot with fruits of the season takes time, but tastes great in the cold season to custard or Savarins.

Click here for the recipe for the rum pot >>

Plum tart with vanilla

With this recipe, the dark fruits cuddle lovingly to their creamy vanilla blanket.

Recipe: plum tart with vanilla sauce

Semolina pudding with cinnamon and plums

This soul-food from childhood will cheer you up and let you forget the gray autumn weather.

Recipe: semolina pudding with cinnamon and plums

Sunken apple pie with honey crunchy

That's how good luck tastes: fine, light sponge cake and fragrant almonds.

Recipe: apple pie with honey crunchy

Ginger honey mousse

Together with fruity orange-fig salad this dessert is probably made for autumn!

Click here for the recipe for the ginger honey mousse >>

Pumpkin-apple crumble

Oh how delicious is the sweet recipe for the pumpkin apple crumble with honey cake crumbs.

Nougat mousse with red wine plums

What do chopped almonds, nut nougat, dark chocolate and dry red wine have in common?

Recipe: nougat mousse with red wine plums >>

Nut corners with vanilla sugar

When baking these cookies it smells of cinnamon and almonds, vanilla and orange.

Discover here the recipe for the delicious Nussecken with vanilla sugar >>

Apple and marzipan Miniscones

The small cakes made of apple and marzipan, refined with cinnamon and sugar, call themselves Miniscones and are delicious to bite. What looks like little muffins, is vegan dough with only herbal products.

Bake the small, vegan apple-marzipan miniscones >>

Butter dumplings

This classic yeast dough makes everyone happy at the table after an autumn meal.

Recipe: Butterbuchteln >>

Apple slices with nut meringue

That's what love tastes like: yeast dough and vanilla.

Try our Recipe for Apple Cuts with Nut Meringue >>

Chocolate pear cake

Mmm, yummy, we have the recipe for a delicious chocolate pear cake with cardamom and cinnamon crumble.

Orangenteller with nut brittle

Oranges are not only delicious, they are also very healthy. Together with Nusskrokant creates a delicious dish that you can easily charm.

Recipe: Orangenteller with Nusskrokant >>

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