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What to do against boredom?

100 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU'RE BORED!! | 2017 AdelaDIY (April 2019).


Boredom creates inner unrest - overcome it. Our test suggests things to help you get rid of your boredom forever.

According to research, an average adult buzzes around 60, 000 thoughts a day - and yet sometimes we just do not know what to do with ourselves and our time. Boredom and inner dissatisfaction come on and not only spoil our mood, but also the rest of the day. "I'm bored!", "What should I do?" and "I need employment." are then common statements that determine our thoughts. Distraction is needed, so that boredom has no chance to gain the upper hand over us.

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In this test we have prepared some questions for you, which should give you suggestions, tips and ideas to finally banish boredom from your everyday life and finally enjoy the day with fun. Have fun!

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