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Fashion trends Alternative to leather, silk and wool: vegan clothing

Vegan fashion = ethical & fair fashion? What are the alternatives? ǀ Justine Leconte (May 2019).


Vegan is a trend. But those who eat neither meat nor animal products often want to avoid clothes and shoes made of leather and wool. We give tips for vegan alternatives.

A reproach that vegetarians and vegans often made is the following: But you also wear leather shoes and wool sweaters, that is not consistent! The critics are certainly right, but often overlook the fact that many vegans often wear used clothes or leftovers from their non-vegan time. Anyone who wants to buy animal-friendly shoes and clothing as a vegan should take a look at our tips.

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Vegan shoes are also cheap

Vegan shoes are available in various online stores and those who are looking for them will find that the selection is larger than expected. After all, every shoe made of plastic, cotton, rubber and linen is a vegan shoe! Wchtig is that no leather was processed. And often these shoes are just as cheap as non-vegan shoes. But if you also value ecologically correct and fairly produced shoes, the search is a little more elaborate. But here too, there are special shops such as avesu or Noah, which specialize in vegan shoes with ecologically correct or fairly produced shoes.

Vegan clothes

Similar to vegan shoes, it's about vegan clothing: those who avoid wool, silk, skins, feathers, angora, cashmere and leather on the next shopping trip have a large selection of vegan clothing. Cotton, linen, acrylic, polyester, Tencel and viscose are either made from vegetable fibers or from plastics and are therefore absolutely free of animals. But even with vegan clothing, many vegans care about the well-being of people and the environment. Here are online shops that offer goods made of organic cotton or other natural materials from ecologically correct production.

Pay attention to the declaration

Caution is advised when fake fur: This is often imported from aistiaschen countries and is declared wrong: So many supposed fake fur carrier wore so already dog ​​and cat fur on display. Furthermore, clothing made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic or polyester is not entirely harmless: with every wash, the finest particles of plastic, called microplastic, enter the wastewater, which even modern wastewater treatment plants can hardly remove. At some point these particles get into rivers and oceans, where they enter the food chain and let various species die painfully. In the best case, the choice should always be on organic-based planters. Shops that offer clothing according to this principle are for example the avocado or raw material.

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