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Home-made is booming - because unique pieces are modern and chic, the designer could be one of us and selling on the net is so easy

In the attic it was in an old box. The small, yellowed children's headscarf from the 50s. The mother-in-law of Melanie Pfennig wore it as a child. Now they rummaged in the box for children's things. Penny, actually a graphic designer and then - five years ago - in the baby break, fell instantly in love with the cloth and decided to sew one for her daughter too. But first she had to do a course for a weekend. On Sunday evening it was ready - the first children's scarf. "If only I had known then how many more I would sew on it … Luckily I'm not sitting so long now!" Meanwhile, the 36-year-old from Hamburg designs and produces children's and women's headscarves, lamps and other accessories for her own label "Glüxpfennig". And is enthusiastic about doing it yourself. "This is a great balance to my graphic job - because I'm always sitting in front of the computer."

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