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Before / After restyling


Maybe you have not found your own style yet? No problem for our FOR YOU beauty coach! Our before / after restylings with rejuvenating hairstyles, type-appropriate make-up, new outfits and a style consultation will convince you.

Styling for you


The look for life

Right man found, suitable styling wanted. In time for the wedding, the 42-year-old also wants a look for life

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Before, afterwards

Type consultation: courage to change

"I want to look the way I feel, " says Katrin and wishes a fri


Before, afterwards

Type advice: very ladylike

As a doctor, Simone wears white. And after work?


Before, afterwards

Type advice and style advice: new look, new life

With our Umstyling we show our reader Anke what a color change and k


Styling: Before / After

Type advice and style advice: New figure, new look

Modern, self-confident and energetic is Anke's new outfit.

Feminine look

Umstyling: New look for the office

Styling: feminine look

Type consultation: Before / After

Umstyling: The old braids are off

New hairstyle, modern accessories and new clothes for Andrea.

Before, afterwards

Umstyling: The clear cut makes it

For YOU reader Juliane is just starting her job and private life.


Before, afterwards

Type advice: more femininity!

The aspiring teacher Jana finds that the youthful jeans look no longer z



Type advice: Short made younger

Hair off! The decision was not easy Anke.

Before, afterwards

Type advice: Simply exemplary

Eye-catching prints instead of plain in pastel - Kristina relies on a strong Ausstra


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