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End with black and white! Sylke finally wanted to bring more color into her wardrobe. And start fresh in the summer.

Umstyling: Now it is colorful

Sylke (37)

Occupation: Pharmaceutical technical assistant. Place of residence: With husband and son Erik (2) she lives in a house with a garden in the Swabian Donauwörth near Augsburg. Hobbies: Sylke reads a lot, with a preference for medieval romances. And she does yoga and enjoys going to rock concerts.


Black t-shirt for black hair: Despite a slight make-up Sylke appears so very pale. Her long hair also likes to wear it open, but her natural curls do not really show.

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When working in the pharmacy, the smock in white for Sylke duty, privately falls the 37-year-old then the other extreme: She wears a lot of black. "I've been very reserved with colors so far, " says Sylke. But that is about to change now: "I would like to know which strong colors stand for me." Her light complexion, her big eyes and her dark hair are the capital for her new look - a kind of modern Snow White.


Sylke in summer look with a top in bright coral (s.Oliver) and gray-brown, silky shimmering pants in 7/8 length (Hoss Intropia). Sandals: Alberto Fermani. Bag: Görtz. Nice detail: The bangles (H & M) pick up the colors of the outfit again.


Sylke's cool complexion is complemented by a warm coral red, harmoniously combined with cocoa and cinnamon tones. "Amazing, I've never tried these colors on myself, " says Sylke in the studio. "I'm doing so much fresher. Red will be my summer color. "With her slim figure, she can carry a lot, we suggest her casual-casual cuts that are still close to the figure. To underline her feminine side even further, we recommend Sylke to put on softly falling, shiny materials such as silk or satin. The accessories are as delicate as Sylke himself: a golden shoulder bag, filigree earrings, narrow bracelets. Enthusiastically, she stands in front of the mirror: "I feel extremely well."

And what can she wear in the evening for a party? Gorgeous chiffon dresses, romantic ruffles and ruffles are great. Here she is elegant with updo in floor-length silk chiffon dress (Hoss Intropia) and satin heels: Laura

Sylke with curly bob and wrap dress by Hoss Intropia

Sylke's hair is full, but hair stylist Armin Vogl recommends trimming it by ten centimeters. And indeed: As soon as the hair is cut, the curls come out much more. "Hard to believe that my hair is curly by nature!" Says Sylke happily. Much is possible with the new cut: open mane, updo or bob. A tint of dark and light brown gold provides for shine, for styling the "Curly" series of Aveda is ideal.

Sylke's Makeup: Rouge (Dr. Hauschka), Eyeshadow (Kron), Nail Polish (Alessandro), Concealer (Lancôme)

Tips from the professional: contour pencil lasts longer than lipstick.

Make up
Also in make-up Sylke shows courage to color. With a contour pencil in coral red, the lips are completely painted. Light to medium brown tones make Sylke's eyes shine: light brown comes for the movable lid, dark brown in the eyelid crease. Mascara in black and rouge in apricot are indispensable. Sylke is thrilled with her new self: "My life is getting more colorful now."

Styling tip: shorter hair is better.

Take care of summer flair: the shoulder bag by Pring and the round sunglasses by H & M

Do you also feel like a new look? Write to the FOR-Beauty-Team, PO Box 60 12 60, 22212 Hamburg. We need a small "profile" and a recent photo of you (unfortunately we can not send back). Please do not forget your phone number and e-mail. With a little luck you are there!

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