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Before / After Type advice: Fresh kick in the wardrobe


With a new, elegant look, Meike wanted to show what is fashionable in her. And that is wonderful, we think!

Meike Before

This is me

  • Name:Meike (41), 1.70 m tall, dress size 38, married, two children.
  • Occupation:flight attendant.
  • Residence:Adendorf near Lüneburg.
  • Wish:"I would like to see myself in casual, colorful outfits - and with different hairstyles"

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Real class

"I always thought clothes were not mine, " says Meike. But they look especially good with her, she finds the FOR YOU team and advises: The look is suitable for everyday wear with ballerinas and cardigan, with pumps and coat.

Satin dress:Schumacher, about 250 euros. Short coat made of cotton:Tibi, approx. 575 Euro. Gold plated brass and calfskin necklace, approx. 300 euros, gold plated brass bracelet, approx. 90 euros, both from Namagé. Plateau - Sandals:Deichmann, about 25 euros, 14 cm heel height

The right hairstyle for every occasion

Now a step cut provides more movement and lightness, plus some blonde highlights, and Meike looks five years younger. Loosely knead mousse into damp hair, twist strand by strand using a curling iron (eg ghd) and straighten out the pony.

Caftan blouse:Laurèl, about 330 euros. Jeans:MAC, about 100 euros. Bangle: Madeleine made of stingray leather, about 150 euros. Chain with Swarovski stones:Zoe Ona, about 230 euros

Dressed elegant Pulling a deep part of the head, blow-drying hair on a large round brush.

Put it playfully back on the back of the head, put the hair deep in the neck and simply fix the ends criss-cross with needles.

Wow! With blue!

Simsalabim - and Meike becomes a power woman! For this, the FÜR team relies on the latest blues color blue and combines the pants with a casual tank top and striped jersey jacket.

Top:Bobi, about 30 euros. Jersey jacket:Bobi, approx. 90 Euro. Pants:Laurèl, about 200 euros. Necklace with semi-precious stones:Nuts & Pearls. Ankle boots:Görtz, made of nubuck leather, about 270 euros, 9.5 cm heel height


made of cowhide in shiny gold optics by Heine, ca. 40 Euro


"Wave", rose gold plated, New One, about 30 euros


in gold look from synthetic by L. Credi, size: approx. 28x 15 cm, approx. 50 Euro


with jade stones, gilded, from New One, about 75 euros


made of metallized leather from Lloyd, about 150 euros


made of soft viscose hand printed by Amorph, size: approx. 130 x 130 cm, approx. 80 Euro

Do you also feel like a change? Write to or FOR HER, Beauty-Coach, PO Box 60 12 60, 22212 Hamburg (with "profile" and current photo)

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