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Before / After Type Advice: From girl to woman


The big thing for YOU-Umstyling: Brav was yesterday - Christiane's motto is now Rock 'n' Roll in cool outfits and trendy short haircut.

Christiane before

This is me

  • Name:Christiane (33), 1.74 m tall, dress size 36/38, married, two children (4 and 6).
  • Occupation:educator.
  • Residence:Hamburg.
  • Wish:A fresh, modern look for going out. Naturally, the hairstyle and make-up should also be suitable for this.

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Christiane afterwards

Short and sweet

"The new cut is much more versatile than my long hair. I can style a new look very fast and uncomplicated, "says a delighted Christiane. This is a dull red mouth beautiful noble.

Now it's rocking at your knee length

"Clothes and skirts are in my holiday suitcase and are only unpacked on the beach, " says Christiane. The FOR YOU team has a different opinion: Christiane should set her long legs with skirts in unusual cuts or materials.

Leather skirt:Annette Görtz, ca. 480 Euro, Gr. 34-46. Print-Top:René Lezard, ca. 130 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Sequin Blazer:Samsøe & Samsøe, ca. 280 Euro, Gr. XS-XL. Ankle boots:duo, about 170 euros, Gr. 35-42, 6 cm heel .

Glamor with a lot of shine

"Unbelievable how a dark jeans and a bright sequin top can change the style", marvels Christiane. With this look, the mix counts. And on the accessories. The jeans should be dark, high ankle boots and a figure-hugging blazer refine the outfit immediately.

Jeans:Closed, about 180 Euro, Gr. 23-34. Silk Top:Sack's, about 180 Euro, Gr. 0-4. Blazer:Loiza, about 180 Euro, Gr. 34-44. Ankle boots:Görtz, about 120 euros, Gr. 36-42, 10 cm heel. Bangle:Supertrash, about 20 euros

Noble contrast

"I'm a very light-skinned skin type and have never ventured on strong make-up color, " says Christiane. On the other hand, the FOR YOU team thinks: Especially with Christiane's porcelain complexion, her blue eyes and light blonde hair, Smokey Eyes look elegant and sexy.


"3-Dot Liner - black" by Clarins, 7 ml approx. 21 Euro.

For the nails

"Nail Color Dramatic Red" by Babor, 6 ml approx. 9 Euro.

For the eyes

"Ombre Minérale black sparkle" by Clarins, about 19 euros.

For the mouth

"Ultimate Color Step Red Up" by Catrice, about 4 Euro.

Smooth parted

"Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself in life, " says Christiane. Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach is pleased: "The hairstyle should not look like freshly cut. The long asymmetric front and the short back of the head are important. Then part the hair sideways and comb with the hair on the head.

Sequin dress:coffee, about 100 Euro, Gr. 36-42. Leather jacket:René Lezard, approx. 600 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Silk scarf:Expresso, about 30 euros.

Schnipp snap

Armin Morbach gives the back of her head a frenzy.


The obliquely thickened pony show goes to the mouth.


Armin Morbach fixes the hairstyle with spray.

For the hair

Gloss, volume & stop: "Three Weather Taft Keratin" from Schwarzkopf, 2 to 3 euros.

Do you also feel like a change? Write to or FOR HER, Beauty-Coach, PO Box 60 12 60, 22212 Hamburg (with "profile" and current photo)

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