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Eyeglass frames for every type of eye-catcher

How to Eyecatcher. And say Goodbye To Lost Glasses. (June 2019).


We show you the latest versions and which glasses fit your type


The new pop art

Styling tip

Quite clear: brightly colored glasses are something for trendsetters and self-confident fashion fans. With such an eye-catcher on the nose the make-up may (and should) be discreet in any case. The fashion, by the way, then pop glasses even fit the job outfit.

From above:

Cool ice blue frame with transparent frame. Goes well with women who love cool colors. From Prada, about 210 euros.

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Hot eye-catching glasses in two colors: bright red at the front, the temples are white. From Gucci, about 195 euros.

Trendy Narrow frame in the fashion color violet. Set a clear fashion statement. By Marc Jacobs, about 220 euros.

Glamorous glasses frame with wide temples and gold applications. From Dolce & Gabbana, about 275 euros.

Elegant The frame is classic dark blue, but the highlight is the rounded corners and the bright gradient. By Ralph Lauren, about 180 euros.

Flowery In the fire- red frame hides the hippie pattern on the inside of the temple. From Prada, about 220 euros.

Retro look

Styling tip

These forms are the perfect complement to a long drawn line. The lips may also be highlighted in bright red. From a fashion perspective, these goggles enhance both a casual denim styling and fine cashmere sweaters.

From above:

Precious spectacle frame with unusually slender temples and pearls. From Gucci, about 275 euros.

Pur Classic black frame, currently very popular. The temples are transparent and appear as light as a feather. From Prada, about 180 euros.

Wild Wow! Leo design with wide temples and rhinestone logo. From Just Cavalli, about 435 euros.

College style Great mix of sexy and austere: wide frame in caressing caramel. From Balenciaga, about 260 euros.

Hip matte black glasses with dots in cat's eye design. Provides a mysterious look. From Dsquared, about 335 euros.

Classic The model in horn optics has the makings of intellectual glasses. From Tom Ford, about 260 euros.

Cool look

Styling tip

Transparent frames can use a lot of color, so take calmly shining eyeshadow here and also lash the eyelashes intensively. The outfit, on the other hand, should be pure or sporty-elegant.

From above:

No frills Frameless glasses with leather details on the temples. From Silhouette, about 400 euros.

Bright pink and transparent patterned frame. From Carrera, about 110 euros.

Graphically metal frame with colored temples and unusually shaped frame on the sides. From Just Cavalli, about 180 euros.

Clearly inconspicuous, but not invisible: glasses with transparent sand-colored frame. From Etienne Navarre about Fielmann, about 135 euros.

Delicate model with small pastel colored dots. From Miu Miu, about 165 euros.

Objectively simple eyeglass frame with narrow metal straps. The glasses are only in the upper half taken, which gives the model even more lightness. From wit, about 120 euros.

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