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Jackets, sweaters, wool accessories Beautifully knitted

Sweater Design for girls | Sweater Design for girls 2017 || Sweater Design for women (May 2019).


And now a leisurely stroll through the city - from head to toe in knitting. The newest knit: sweaters, dresses, jackets and accessories will be worn extra long and beautiful this winter.

Nice knitted

But you are fluffy


The chunky knit dress with side pockets keeps you nice and warm so you can wear it well on mild winter days without a jacket. Made of cotton, by Humanoid, ca. 280 Euro, Gr. XS-XL. In addition, fresh green, for example leggings in Brit-Green by Kunert and a knit hat by Brunello Cucinelli. Boots: OXS. Gloves: Roeckl.

Our tip: The dress becomes a XXL pullover over tight jeans.

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Cold? Sounds cool!

The fashion formula: Extravagant dress + coarse knit coat = sexy look. Cotton crepe dress with fish prints from Piazza Sempione, ca. 480 Euro, Gr. 32-44. Coat of Vanilia, about 160 euros, Gr. XS-XXL. Bag: Sequoia Paris. Boots: Pons Quintana.

Our tip: Buttoned and with waist belt it's a trendy knit dress.

Short trip

Bermudas are no summer thing: a cardigan with puffed sleeves and a lush pattern makes the shorts suitable for winter wear. Of sand, about 190 euros, Gr. XS-XL. Cotton Shorts by Paul & Joe Sister, ca. 110 Euro, Gr. 36-42. Silk blouse and round scarf: Schumacher. Hand Cuffs: Comma.

Our tip: The cardigan also fits perfectly with the little black dress.

Shift change!

Knitted in layers: Quickly the sequin dress over the plain green striped, cardigan on, and off you go. Fine knit dress by Catherine Malandrino, ca. 180 Euro, Gr. S-XL. Sequin tunic by MYBC, ca. 280 Euro, Gr. 36-48. Sweater made of wool mix from Brax, approx. 120 Euro, Gr. 34-38. Scarf: Allude. Belt: Kookaï. Ankle boots: Alberto Fermani.

Our tip: do not be shy of unusual combinations. Glitter and chunk are currently best friends.

Keeps you warm

Thick alpaca pullover for soft pleated trousers. Sweater by By Malene Birger, ca. 135 Euro, Gr. XS-XL. The pants are made of new wool and cashmere, by Seductive, about 280 euros, Gr. 32-46. Ankle boots: C & A. Shoulder bag: Kipling.

Our tip: Wear the sweater under the tweed jacket for very narrow trousers for the country look.

The long gray

So sexy can be a cable pattern: knit hose dress wool and cashmere with large turtleneck. From Vanilia, about 130 euros, Gr. XS-XXL. Sequin jacket by Holly Golightly, ca. 420 Euro, Gr. S-L. Scarf: Allude.

Our tip: That's right, knit wears something up. A fitted Blazer, best in black and not too short, makes up for that visually.

Wrapped in cashmere and sheep's wool: beige poncho by Gant, ca. 500 Euro, Gr. SL. Wool trousers by Windsor, ca. 270 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Fine cardigan: Rich & Royal. Arm warmers: Comma. Belt: Modena. Ankle boots: Reno.

Our tip: more sex appeal desired? Then wear a short skirt and high heels to the poncho.

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