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Horoscopes Horoscope from 14 to 28 March

Taurus Yearly Astrology Forecast 2019 (June 2019).


For looks into your future: In our monthly horoscope you will learn how it stands from 14 to 28 March for your stars.

Horoscope fish from 14 to 28 March

Fish - 20.2. until 20.3.

Holidays would be ideal now, because you long for the distance from everyday life. Those who are not free, should use the weekends for small escapes. Do something that is fun! Get out there, enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine - it will do the soul good and clear your mind.

Motto: Just relax

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Horoscope Aries from 14 to 28 March

Aries - 21.3. until 20.4.

In the next two weeks, you can really live out your energy. You only feel well when you can face exciting challenges and do everything in your job - with great success! At night Neptune could send you very intense dreams now. How about a dream diary? You can learn a lot about yourself.

Motto: explore limits

Horoscope bull from 14 to 28 March

Bull - 21.4. until 20.5.

They are very imaginative and have great, creative ideas. Take some time off and relax - then the inspiration comes from alone. In your relationship you want to experiment more and leave the usual paths. Do not be shy: With your ideas, you can greatly enrich your partnership.

Motto: on new paths

Horoscope Gemini from 14 to 28 March

Gemini - 21.5. until 21.6.

Uranus makes you very sensitive and open to change. Singles should use the flirting for the next few weeks: they can win a very special person for themselves. Chance, too, can play a big role - not only in love, but in other areas of life as well. Take advantage of the opportunities!

Motto: Blessed by luck

Horoscope Cancer from 14 to 28 March

Cancer - 22.6. until 22.7.

Pretty busy! In the job you get powerful pressure, and in love are great emotions that quickly lead to emotional outbursts. With so much excitement it is important that you stay physically in motion. It's best to find a friend who accompanies you to the sport. Then it's twice as much fun!

Horoscope Leo from the 14th to the 28th of March

Lion - 23.7. until 23.8.

An ideal week to get in shape! They are full of Martian energy, strong and fit. Challenge yourself, ride a bike to work, do sports. Then the immune system gets going too, and you feel really well. In the job it is advisable to rethink. Otherwise they might run into a dead end.

Motto: Only no standstill

Horoscope Virgo from the 14th to the 28th of March

Virgin - 24.8. until 23.9.

Although you sometimes enjoy being alone, now you are longing for closeness, for company, wanting to communicate with other people. Make friends with your friends and you will blossom properly. And for singles it means: keep your eyes open! The stars are now especially good for a new love.

Motto: palpitations!

Horoscope Libra from the 14th to the 28th of March

Libra - 24.9. until 23.10.

As Harmony-needy Libra dispute sets you very much. They want to get everything right as fast as they can - and now they can do it. If you strive for clarification, you will find that the problem is not as great as it was feared. Even with the boss worth a conversation. You can present your ideas well.

Motto: Everything in harmony

Horoscope Scorpio from the 14th to the 28th of March

Scorpio - 24.10. until 22.11.

You like to be in control - also about your relationship. But at the moment you tend to almost patronize your partner, and that does not suit you well. Let him have his freedom! Professionally you should not become a lone fighter. Show that you are a team player and you can achieve a great deal together with your colleagues.

Motto: Stay relaxed

Horoscope Sagittarius from the 14th to the 28th of March

Sagittarius - 23.11. until 21.12.

A friendship could now be put to the test. There is one thing you can not agree on. Do not let the discussion go too far, but rather turn to other topics. Before Easter, it is advisable to sort out a little at home. They may bring to light treasures that can be turned into money.

Motto: Spring cleaning

Horoscope Capricorn from 14 to 28 March

Capricorn - 22.12. until 20.1.

When you feel lethargic and exhausted, the stars advise you to move. It does not necessarily have to be sport, but at least go for a walk. Then your spirits will awaken and you will feel better. With your high standards, you can pretty much upset other people. Try to be more merciful.

Motto: little time-outs

Horoscope Aquarius from 14 to 28 March

Aquarius - 21.1. until 19.2.

The usual routines get on your nerves, as Aquarius you need a change now and then. Take, for example, a romantic weekend getaway with your sweetheart! In the job you have a difficult task that requires concentration and thoroughness. Creativity, on the other hand, is your great strength.

Motto: Let yourself be inspired!

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