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FilterCopy | Fashion Conversations With Mom | Ft. Aisha Ahmed, Sheeba Chaddha (June 2019).


There is no age limit for real fashion victims: Five mothers and daughters show off their favorite outfits.

Fashionable mothers & daughters

Stephanie Kavan-Winkler, 19, loves glam rock: leather leggings ca. 150 Euro, Gr. 34-42, Blazer about 30 Euro, Gr. 34-44, both from H & M. Wide blouse from French Connection, ca.110 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Chain: Hoss Intropia. Ankle boots: Gabor.

Gabriele Kavan-Winkler, 48, prefers to style herself feminine and classic. She wears a fitted dress with elastane content of M. Asam about HSE24, about 80 euros, Gr. 34-52. Cotton blouse by M. Asam about HSE24, ca. 60 Euro, Gr. 34-52. Chain: Hoss Intropia. Bangles: Dyrberg / Kern. Pumps: Unisa.

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Pia Wackerl, 27, wants to emphasize her femininity: Cotton dress by M. Asam about HSE24, ca. 90 Euro, Gr. 34-54. Leather jacket with studs by Sarah Kern about HSE24, ca. 200 Euro, Gr. 34-54. Chain: TomShot. Pumps: Pons Quintana.

Elfriede Wackerl, 52, likes to wear sporty fashion with trendy accents: batwing sweater from Angolan mix from Nolita, approx. 100 euros, Gr. 34-42. Jeans with spandex from Sarah Kern about HSE24, about 80 euros, 34-54. Belt: Rich & Royal. Ring: Perlensymphonie via HSE24. Silk scarf: Elisabetta Fran chi. Bag: Kapworks. Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte. Shoes: Edith & Ella.

Sam van Wijk, 15, likes the modern hippie look: knit dress by Himmelblau by Lola Paltinger via HSE24, ca. 70 Euro, Gr. 34-50. Long sleeve shirt by Helena Vera about HSE24, ca. 35 Euro, Gr. 36-52. Leggings of sky blue by Lola Paltinger about HSE24, about 25 Euro, Gr. 34-50. Owl Necklace: Paul & Joe. Bangles and hairband: Hoss Intropia. Ballerinas: Pretty ballerinas.
Jacqueline van Wijk, 48, in Flower-Power in a noble way: Dress from polyester mix by Mark Adam by Galeria Kaufhof, ca. 35 Euro, Gr. 38-46. Leather blazer from s.Oliver, approx. 300 Euro, Gr. 34-46. Ring: Jenny's on HSE24. Stocking pant: Fogal. Ankle boots: Mascaró

Petra Schäpan, 41, chooses an elegant dress for the evening. Satin dress by Vera Mont, ca. 160 Euro, Gr. 32-44. Jersey jacket by H & M, ca. 35 Euro, Gr. 34-44. Ring: Jenny's on HSE24. Bangles: Bijou Brigitte. Pumps: Vic Matié.

Birgitt Scherzer, 64, focuses on pure chic with great attention to detail. Fine knit sweater from Himmelblau by Lola Paltinger via HSE24, ca. 90 Euro, Gr. 34-50. Skirt with elastane by Sarah Kern about HSE24, about 70 euros, Gr. 34-54. Bangle: Jenny's on HSE24. Ring: Sarah Kern on HSE24. Shoes: Edith & Ella.

Manuela Eickner, 24, relies on wild styling: Coat in Leofell look made of silk mix by Steffen Schraut, approx. 400 Euro, Gr. 34-44. Volantrock by Patrizia Pepe, ca. 190 Euro, Gr. 32-42. Top of H & M, about 25 euros, Gr. 34-42. Headband: H & M. Bangles: Mango. Ankle boots: Patrizia Pepe.

Veronica Eickner, 52, in the current look: skirt in Leo print made of wool mix by Sarah Kern on HSE24, ca. 70 Euro, Gr. 34-54. Rolli with Elasthan by Himmelblau by Lola Pal tinger about HSE24, about 45 Euro, Gr. 34-54. Fine knit shirt by Himmelblau by Lola Paltinger about HSE24, ca. 70 Euro, Gr. 34-54. Belt: Paul & Joe Sister. Jewelry via HSE24. High heels: Patrizia Pepe.

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