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Horoscope Horoscope from March 29 to April 10

10 Unknown facts about Aries | March 21 - April 19 | Horoscope | Do you Know? (June 2019).


For looks into your future: In our monthly horoscope you will learn how it stands for your stars from 29 March to 10 April.

WIDDER - 21.3. until 20.4.

They do not last long: if something does not suit you, say so. This is not always easy for your fellow human beings. Try to be a bit more empathetic from time to time. When it comes to money, you should stay tough. Do not let anything bother you now.

Motto:Now, plaintext

BULL - 21.4. until 20.5.

As a bull you usually love your routine, but right now you feel a little restricted. Only one thing can help: Do something different! Try out restaurants, go to the theater, go to the movies or book a weekend trip again - it refreshes and inspires. Good that the stars are playing: they have enough energy for everything.

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Motto:Try something new

TWINS - 21.5. until 21.6.

Merkur makes you extremely creative: you have many projects in your head that you want to implement. Even complicated matters you have very quickly under control, because you do not lack clever solutions. In the interpersonal realm, it is important to clear the table. Create
They quarrel as fast as possible from the world.

Motto: I have an idea!

CANCER - 22.6. until 22.7.

The cosmos makes life difficult for you: the colleagues get on your head, the work requires a lot of stamina. It is best to take something nice for the end of the day, during which you can really relax and unwind. And if the weather cooperates, you should recharge a little sun at the weekend. That feels good!

Motto: Let the sun shine

LION - 23.7. until 23.8.

With you announcing some changes - that makes you nervous, but do not worry: This also opens up new, beautiful possibilities. Otherwise, it is important that you keep yourself physically fit. Some movement makes for a good balance. Did not you want to start running anyway?

Motto:Stay relaxed

VIRGIN - 24.8. until 23.9.

You are in a good mood and generous, you just overlook the little quirks of your fellow human beings. A good time to do a lot with your loved ones, because you get along really well and have fun when traveling together. Also to colleagues you have a great line. That gets the career going.

Motto: Everything in the flow

BALANCE - 24.9. until 23.10.

The stars give you a great deal of openness. Now you dare to go out and show your feelings completely open. Singles are determined to go to their dream man, Liierte trust the partner a little secret - and it's worth it. By the way, your physical training as well: you are currently in top form!

Motto: Only courage!

SCORPION - 24.10. until 22.11.

You can now make a long overdue decision, because your self-confidence will be strengthened by the cosmos. Do not hesitate any longer, but make nails with heads. Then you feel like free. In the job you convince with your power of words, and not only that: they also let corresponding actions follow. Impressive.

Motto: Now I'll tackle it!

SHOOT - 23.11. until 21.12.

You have a fiery temperament and know how to conquer your partner over and over again. However, at the same time you are often uncontrolled and obstinate. Try to be more in control. Also professionally, you should put off your desires from time to time and make more of your fellow man.

Motto:Only the peace

STONE BOCK - 22.12. until 20.1.

Their self-confidence leaves much to be desired - and this is associated with insecurity and jealousy, especially in terms of relationship. There is no reason for that. Fight against it and become aware of your strengths! If the stars tempt you to luxury and delicacies, you can treat yourself to that.

Motto: Just enjoy

AQUARIUS - 21.1. until 19.2.

Your mind is working at full speed, which will benefit you enormously. Not only will work be incredibly easy for you, but you will also come up with great ideas that will advance your career. You should use this phase. In love, however, your cool objectivity is less in demand: your sweetheart feels a bit neglected.

Motto: Allow feelings

FISH - 20.2. until 20.3.

Gorgeous! Love planet Venus stands in your sign and provides a lot of romance. With your loved one you can now gain great experiences and experiences. Dare to try new things too! In the job, you want to devote yourself to your work in peace. Make sure you can concentrate - your current project is very important.

Motto: Heart is trump

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