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What Are the Benefits of Bee Pollen Supplements? : Happy, Healthy & Fit (May 2019).


Bees not only produce deliciously healthy honey for us. Beekeepers can also gain bee pollen from their beehives. They give us vitality, support performance and promote the body's defenses. We reveal what makes bee pollen so healthy.

That bees are very useful for us and nature is nothing new. And also, that the delicious honey that the bees produce and the beekeeper reaps, health benefits, should now be known to everyone. Sore lips or a scratch in the throat can be relieved with the help of honey. But what about the bee pollen that is currently on everyone's lips?

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Bee pollen: Nutritional supplement with health promoting effect

Bee pollen is rich in protein and vitamins. In addition, there are plenty of vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and minerals in it. The body's defense is also strengthened by the phytosterols and flavonoids contained. With this mix of healthy substances, bee pollen deserves the title "Superfood". Many a researcher calls the natural product a quasi-perfect food because it contains everything our body needs to function well.

Use of bee pollen in everyday life

The intake of daily one to two teaspoons of bee pollen in the morning is recommended. Purely the pollen are many too intense in the taste. In this case, it is advisable to give the bee pollen as a topping on the muesli or to sprinkle on the jam bun. Those who do not like breakfast in the morning can also take the pollen with a glass of milk or juice. The drink should not be too hot, so that all valuable ingredients are preserved. Coffee and tea are not suitable drinks.

After some time you can increase the amount of pollen in the morning to one tablespoon per day. Athletes usually take even more to take advantage of the high protein content of pollen.

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