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Everyone knows a common cold: one feels choppy, the nose is constantly running and an annoying cough irritates the throat. Instead of directly accessing pharmaceutical remedies, you should definitely try fennel honey.

Fennel honey is a natural product that contributes to the healing support of colds and moods of the gastrointestinal tract. Active substance carriers are fennel seeds which contain essential oils. Whether an irritated throat, cough or digestive problems provide cause for concern, the intake of several spoonfuls of fennel honey distributed throughout the day, relieves the discomfort and has an expectorant effect.

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Fennel honey is not only healthy, but also tastes pleasantly sweet. Anyone who reaches for fennel tea more often during a cold knows how calming the taste can have on the mind. Especially toddlers benefit from a positive effect that can relieve anxiety and restlessness.

Taking fennel honey is easy: For colds, it is advisable to slowly dissolve a tablespoon in the mouth. If it is the stomach that causes problems, the fennel honey can be swallowed directly. Fennel honey is also great as a sweetener in teas and other hot drinks.

Recipe for fennel honey

Ingredients for a jar of honey:

  • 200 g honey, preferably clover honey, as it has no spicy taste
  • 20 g of fennel seeds from the health food store or the pharmacy
  • 1 clean screw jar


  1. Mince the fennel seeds with a mortar so that the essential oils escape.
  2. Then put in the clean glass and pour over with the honey.
  3. The honey-fennel mix should be run for at least three days so that the essential fennel oils can transfer to the honey.
  4. Finally, pass the honey through a fine sieve to filter out the seeds.

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