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Polettos Recipes Fish Recipes by Cornelia Poletto

Fisch Kokos Curry mit grünem Gemuese (April 2019).


We present you delicious recipes of Cornelia Poletto around the topic fish. Whether salmon, pancakes, matjes or eel - in combination with great spices, these dishes become an exciting cooking experience.

Dorade from the oven

Close your eyes and enjoy! If you want to put something special on the table, this recipe is the right one. As a side dish serve artichokes and fave beans.

The complete recipe is here >>

Zander fillet with horseradish risotto and beetroot

What a feast for the eyes. The menu with sherry vinegar, nut oil and chives is a real eye-catcher.

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The complete recipe is here >>

Spaghetti with calamaretti and cherry tomatoes

The pasta and fish harmonize very well in terms of taste is nothing new. Try Polettos spaghetti creation with mini squid.

The complete recipe is here >>

Loup de mer in the salt crust

If the finest sea bass is marinated with basil, tarragon and 1.5 kg sea salt, it can only be a great recipe from star chef Poletto. Pure coastal feeling!

The complete recipe is here >>

Pepper salmon with green olive potatoes

A peppery spice mixture encases the fresh salmon, which becomes a taste highlight with homemade baked potatoes. Fresh herbs complete the recipe.

The complete recipe is here >>

Halibut saltimbocca with Ligurian potato salad

We like it spicy! Caraway, sea salt, Dijon mustard, vinegar and capers are just a few flavors that make this recipe so delicious.

The complete recipe is here >>

Grilled swordfish with seasoned tomatoes

Make the pan hot, now it gets juicy! As a special treat the Poletto recipe turns out to be with grilled swordfish on fruity spiced tomatoes.

The complete recipe is here >>

Calamari fritti with cilantro aioli

For those who are really hungry for holidays, sea and sun: crunchy calamari rings served with a great dip of coriander, garlic and curry.

The complete recipe is here >>

Scallops on avocado salad

Scalloped with exotic mango vinaigrette, scallops, maple syrup, chives and chili peppers create a taste explosion in the mouth. Delicious!

The complete recipe is here >>

Marinated sardines in vegetable broth

Spring onions, celery, sultanas, white wine and bunched carrots form the basis of an exciting vegetable broth. Fresh sardines, crunchy pine nuts and finished is the masterpiece.

The complete recipe is here >>

Crunchy zander fillet with two asparagus

That sounds great: pecan butter, wild herbs and parsley, with a tasteful zander fillet. Served on a bed of white and green asparagus, this culinary delight is also a feast for the eyes.

The complete recipe is here >>

Caesar salad with king prawns

The absolute classic among the salads just never goes out of fashion. How about this tasty shrimp variant of star chef Cornelia Poletto?

The complete recipe is here >>

Mussel salad with grilled zucchini

Venus, Mies and Cockles combined to a tempting dish. Cornelia Poletto uses the best ingredients for her mussel salad.

The complete recipe is here >>

Tuscan fish soup

Cacciucco or Tuscan fish soup is to our taste. A variation of different types of fish with aromatic additives such as fenugreek, saffron threads and pernod.

The complete recipe is here >>

Cleaved salmon in salt dough

It tastes like the sea. Many different herbs give a juicy piece of salmon a lot of flavor. Just after cooking, this treat is a welcome guest in the recipe book.

The complete recipe is here >>

Shrimp in parchment on paprika couscous

A mix of zucchini, couscous, lemon, garlic and thyme repaint this tasty Poletto recipe. It is cooked in the oven wrapped in parchment paper.

The complete recipe is here >>

Salmon fillet on potato salad

Take the best salmon fillet, add potatoes and refine it with sherry vinegar, watercress and chives. The result is an appetizing dish à la Cornelia Poletto.

The complete recipe is here >>

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