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Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World (April 2019).


The butcher always gets the best schnitzel. And travel professionals are constantly flying to the most beautiful places in the world. But where are they actually?

The most beautiful places in the world

1 Hanna Kleber (51), owner of the agency KPRN network:

Forget everyday life in the Maldives

Even the reception on the pier with fragrant, refreshing towels is always a pleasure. The feet dip into powdery white sand, the water is warm bath. And when I sit on the wooden terrace of the restaurant "Lighthouse" on the first evening, a pile dwelling in the sea, and with a glass of wine in the magic of the "blue hour", I've already put off the stress of everyday life like the winter clothes. In the "Baros Resort", a reef island of the Maldives, I can refuel in a week like nowhere else. Sure, the resort is not cheap. But only here can I find this mix of beach paradise, reduced design and unruffled luxury. Sleep, snorkel, eat, snorkel, use in the spa - then I'm back with me.

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Deluxe Villa with breakfast from 230 Euro per person / night, TUI offers 6 nights B & B incl. Flight from approx. 2369 Euro per person.

2 Kathrin Heitmann (38), Manager Communication at AIDA Cruises:

Cruise through the Gulf of Arabia

My highlight in the cold season: a cruise to the Orient. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat - and all at 26 degrees air and water temperature just five hours flight away. Gorgeous! I finally have to worry about nothing and can still discover a lot in seven days: beach oases and desert magic, glitzershopping and traditional life. Our floating hotel brings us (almost) every day to a new exciting place, in between we relax on board. My personal favorite is Muscat. The capital of the Sultanate of Oman has remained very original, in the bazaars it smells of incense, the people are friendly - especially to my two-year-old daughter. This is adventure light.


7 days in the inside cabin with VP from 529 Euro per person (Variotarif). With flight from 1229 Euro,

3 Michaela Belling (37), PR Manager Starwood Hotels:

Hiking in Mallorca

It is the light that always lures me to Mallorca. Mild and bright, with the promise of spring. What could be better than moving around in nature? From the mountain village of Alaró on the edge of the Tramuntana mountains, I hike up to the Castell d'Alaró, an 800-year-old fortress. After two hours, a wonderful view of Castell and the island opens up. On the way back I strengthen myself in the "Es Verger". The specialty of the rustic restaurant is an outrageously tender suckling pig from the wood-burning oven. Then: cool your legs in the sea and drink a sundowner on the terrace of my hotel in Palma. The legendary view of the cathedral was loved by Grace Kelly and Maria Callas.


It is best to drive to the mountain village Alaró with a rental car (eg B & B in the "Castillo Hotel Son Vida" from 165 Euro / person, Flights from 99 Euro (eg with Lufthansa)

4 Anja Fischer (41), Managing Director of Charming Places:

Dolce Vita in Sorrento

Perched on a cliff near Sorrento, the hotel "Maison La Minervetta". The view from up there is breathtaking. I can see Vesuvius. All the superlatives of Italy are united on the Amalfi coast: spectacular cliffs, small bays, glamorous places like Positano, excellent food - and natural hospitality. Eugenia, the landlady of the Minervetta, is idiosyncratic and perfectionist. With her husband Marco, a star architect, she forms a real dream team. The casual atmosphere, the plant splendor in the garden - Eugenia leaves nothing to chance. The two inspire me every time - as well as the entire landscape here.


B & B in the hotel "Maison La Minervetta" from 90 Euro per person and day, Arriving by car via Naples. Flights to Naples from 150 Euro (eg Air France)

5 Linda Schneegaß (31), Angelika Hermann-Meier PR:

Yoga at Om Beach in India

The sun has not yet ventured beyond the headland, there we stand in our white yoga dress on Om-Beach, which is called because he looks a bit like an om sign. But we are already very lively, welcome the day with a sun salutation. In the "Swaswara Resort" south of Goa you do not just wake up with a tropical breath on your face, but also with yoga on the beach. For yoga fans like me it's like paradise. There are Hatha lessons several times a day. Great is also the Yoga Nidra lesson where we lie under the canopy of an ancient banyan tree. My favorite contrast: let me inspire the colorful Indian life during my trip to Gokarna and haggle over hippie dresses at the stands.


7 nights with VP and all yoga classes from 1138 Euro per person, Condor offers flights twice a week to Goa, from 600 euros

6 Dorothea Hohn (46), Managing Director of Global Communication Experts:

It does not get any greener in Tenerife

There is no place in the world where I feel better than in Tenerife. Maybe it's because I do not feel like flying around the globe to recover. Maybe it is also due to the climate and the incredible diversity of the island. Tenerife always feels like spring no matter when I'm there. I can hardly get enough of the green in the UNESCO protected natural parks, such as the lush Orotava Valley, the "balcony of Tenerife". If I can set it up, I'll be on the islands on the 21st of February. Because on this day the carnival starts - the colorful parade is an incredible spectacle, with glamorous costumes like in Rio de Janeiro. Even as a spectator, I feel like I'm in Brazil.


B / F in my favorite hotel "Abama" from 190 Euro / person, More information:

7 Sabine Ernst (33), Press Officer Robinson Club GmbH:

Magic and Modern in Marrakech

As dawn begins, Jemaa el Fna, the Juggler's Square, awakens in the heart of Marrakech. Fire-eaters and snake-charmer show their arts, in hundreds of pots seething mysterious dishes. The city in southwestern Morocco is a fireworks display for the senses. Granted, a stay here does not slow down like a wellness holiday, but for me it's like a little trip around the world, inspiring and full of discoveries: craft streets and bazaars like the one hundred and one nights, a nightlife that does not have to hide behind Berlin and New York. My rest oasis for in between is the "Riad Zakaria", a hotel with only 14 rooms in an old Moroccan town house with a beautiful roof terrace.


One week Ü / F in the hotel "Riad Zakaria" and flight from Munich to Marrakech with Iberia from 882 Euro per person,

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