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Good advice is expensive, especially during the holiday season: who now pours your beautiful garden and prevents the plants from entering? Those who can not or do not want to rely on the help of the neighbors, should take a look at our tips for garden irrigation.

How do you water your garden?Classic with the hose that you unroll from the hose reel or even with the watering can and the water from the rain barrel? These methods are certainly useful as long as you have enough time to follow this routine regularly. However, as soon as you are away for a few days or have little time, the pleasure of watering can quickly become frustrating.

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Save time and effort with an irrigation system

You would like to get up in the morning and your garden is in the lush greenery, the potting soil is damp and you have not made a finger for it the evening before or the same morning? Then you should consider installing an irrigation system.This can consist of tubes with small drop holes as well as lawn sprinklers in different sizes. If these are correctly positioned in the garden, almost all areas can be reached with the operation of the plant. Combine the system with a timer and the system can independently irrigate your garden in the evening and / or in the morning.

Lower the water needs of your garden

Not only can you save time for garden irrigation, water itself is a precious commodity and should be used sparingly. If your garden is exposed to a lot of sun, then you should consider whether you really need so much grass. Because this requires a lot and often water to stay beautiful and green. Instead of lawns, you can also design undemanding perennial beds or rock gardens. Perennials need very little water, and rockeries usually have no additional irrigation - a downpour from the sky is perfectly adequate. Even Mediterranean plants such as lavender or sage are very undemanding in their water needs. They are also good for the front garden, if you want to do without irrigation here.

With our tips, your bed will flourish after the holiday in full splendor.

A dense soil cover also has a positive effect on the moisture content of the garden soil. Place ground cover plants between shrubs or scatter grass clippings between your vegetables here and there. The so-called mulching not only prevents too fast drying of the earth; decomposes the grass clippings, nitrogen enters the soil and serves as a fertilizer.

Earth tanks and rain barrel for irrigation

You can water your garden especially sparingly if you rely on rainwater. This is not only sustainable, it protects your wallet and the plants tolerate the soft rainwater usually better than tap water. So you can sink rain tanks under your garden that are fed from the gutters and collect water for the summer throughout the year. But even from the good old rain barrel you can feed your irrigation system.

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