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BALI TRAVEL TIPS! 10 things you NEED to know & Advice (May 2019).


Bali, the island of the gods, is also a paradise for demonic troublemakers. Fortunately, there are wise men who soothe them. About with coconuts. Site appointment with a Brahmin

Reportage: Demons in Bali

1 Divine Blessing The Barong is the guardian spirit of the villages and their inhabitants. He is constantly fighting against evil.

2 peacemaker Ida Bagus Wedha tames evil spirits. The Brahmin comes from one of the oldest dynasties of the island of Bali.

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3 Harmony of the center Living pavilion, guesthouse and open kitchen - a feel-good ensemble in the village of Mas.

4 Gods Food Putri, the landlady, starts every day with a breakfast for the good spirits.

5 Marrying in the open air The rice terraces of Jatiluwih are among the most beautiful on the island. Even wedding couples use them as a prelude to happiness.

6 Meetings With over a thousand temples in Bali, there is always something to celebrate somewhere. The colorful festivals often last the whole day.

7 Upward trend In the ancient villages of Bali, as here in Penglipuran, the temple is always in the direction of the mountain.

8 stone guardians Gunung Lebah Temple near Ubud.

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