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Ackern in times of economic crisis. On balconies and in gardens is sown, planted, lived as never before. What drives us back to nature right now. &

Anyone who wonders what the powerful in the world are always so excited about at photo shoots seldom gets an answer. Unless Michelle Obama was there, "I've been constantly approached by our fellow leaders on our garden, " the First Lady of the United States said after her trip to Europe in April. "Your" garden is logically the White House. The Obama's have planted it with media and fruit from rucola to onions - no carrots, Barack does not like. The kids should see something grow, Michelle Obama explained, "and do not always ask for the finished pizza." Undoubtedly, the President's wife would also have found interesting topics at the Federal Horticultural Show - after all, the Washington Villa offers not only (more recently) 100 square meters of Bioacker, but also enough space for a colorful sea of ​​flowers. The show, which opened in Schwerin on April 23, aims to attract 1.8 million visitors to the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by October. Secretly one even hopes for even more guests: "The mood for the topics of garden and nature has never been as good as it is now, " says landscape gardener Björn Schwake, who builds the "Haus der Gärtner" in the neighborhood of the magnificent Schwerin Castle. An information center and venue in the framework of the Federal Garden Show. "It used to mean: my house, my car, my vacation, " says Schwake. "Now it's often called: my garden."

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For some time now, professional gardeners have seen rising sales, especially from private clients: Their share of almost five billion euros in sales has risen from 40 percent in 2001 to currently 50 percent. "There is a clear trend towards high-quality equipment, " says Hermann Kurth, Managing Director of the industry association. "The people make their garden like a second living room and opt for beautiful woods, precious natural stones or unusual tulips." In the garden centers and hardware stores of the Republic reflected the same development: Instead of endless rows of seedlings and practical plastic furniture are there - for example Mediterranean or Nordic - presented worlds of life, with color and style matching plants and accessories.

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