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Rhododendrons or Azaleas - Tips for Success (May 2019).


It is easy to care for and hardly needs sun. But when the Rhododendron's big show comes, it impresses us with its bright flower umbels

Rhododendrons behave most inconspicuously for the longest time of the year: wearing a simple, evergreen dress, they are satisfied with a shade. And do gardeners little work, because they hardly lose a leaf. Can it be that such a frugal plant has become a star? Oh yeah! This manifests itself in late spring, often in early May. Because then the rhododendrons throw themselves into a magnificent flower sample: impress with heavy umbels in deep dull red or bright pink. Impressive with bright yellow, purple and orange. Some varieties even adorn themselves with flowers in leopard look. No wonder that the trumpet-shaped chalices of the perennial conjure up a tropical flair in German gardens. And that new breeds have been baptized into prominent names such as Marianne von Weizsäcker, Christiane Herzog or Eva Luise Köhler - personally by the First Ladies.

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Rhododendrons are at home all over the world. On windswept shores they feel just as comfortable as in the barren Tibetan high mountains at 4000 meters. Some varieties - more than 1, 000 in total - grow in extreme heat in the Brazilian rainforest, others survive cold weather in the extreme north of Canada and the Caucasus. Even in the Alps, the survivors thrive even where there is no tree left, and protect the soil from landslides and avalanches.

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