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Make-up Make-up Tips: Eye make-up

20 New Makeup Tutorials 2019 | Easy Eye Makeup Compilation? #09 (June 2019).


An eye make-up that makes your eyes shine and makes you bigger? No problem! In our step-by-step instructions, star make-up artist Patricia Bontscheff shows you how to make up your eyes perfectly.

Brilliant eyes make-up

The perfect eye make-up! It all depends on the emphasis: eyeshadow corrects the shape, lashes and eyebrows give the right momentum, says star make-up artist Patricia Bontscheff.

A perfect make-up is not only a successful eye make-up, but also a good primer and a great blush:

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Our model Jasmine (27) is a sporty guy with an oval face and distinctive eyebrows, which make make-up artist Patricia Bontscheff optimally in shape. "To natural types such as jasmine stronger brow fit particularly well, " explains the make-up artist.

Step 1: Apply base

To keep the color for a long time and not settle, apply a base (eg from Isadora) to the entire upper eyelid and work well with the brush. Alternatively, the complexion primer can be applied, but then dust off.

Step 2: Make Eyelashes:

In order to get more volume later on in the shower, eyelashes need a nice swing upwards. This can help the eyelash curler. It is placed on the lid edge after opening and compressed for a few seconds.

Step 3: Apply eye shadow:

Apply the darker color (Clarins reddish brown) from the middle of the upper lid to the eyelid and sides. To the inner corner of the eye brush the lighter shade. If you make up with a brush, tap off excess powder.

Step 4: Emphasize with eyeliner:

This gives the eye more expression and makes the eyelashes appear fuller. The new pens (eg from BeYu) are easy to handle. Always attach to the inner corner of the eye directly on the eyelash edge and lead in a fine line to the outside.

Step 5: Eyes edge

To intensify the look, also draw a line with the darker eyeshadow color on the lower edge of the eyelashes. Applied with a brush that looks very natural. Hide the transitions with a cotton swab.

Step 6: Blow your eyelashes

This makes the eye look bigger. Apply the mascara brush directly to the eyelash edge. Shake something at the base, then slowly pull upwards. Working from the inside out. Shower twice. Do not forget the lower lash line.

…And done!

The metallic eye shadow makes Jasmine's eyes shine. Ideal are two shades of color - light on the inside, darker on the outside (for mature skin, choose dull tones instead of metallic ones). With such shading, the shape can be ideally corrected (see also right). Keeping the game under the brows always neutral, so the look looks more open.

How to optimize your eye shape

1. Close-fitting eyes: Apply eye shadow on the upper and lower eyelid only on the outside and hide the contours. Shimmy-looking highlighter comes into the corner of the eye.

2. Wide-eyed eyes: are ideal for making-up Smokey Eyes. With just a single shade, go quietly far beyond the eyelid crease at the top and the eyelid edge below.

3. Small eyes: Eye corners outlined with eye shadow. Distribute highlighter under the eyebrows. Draw a fine line on the inner edge of the lower eyelid with a light kohl.

4. Low-lying eyes: To open them visually, always choose bright colors, brush past the eyelid lines and along the lower edge of the eyelid. Highlighter emphasizes the interior angles.

5. Eyes slanting downwards: Emphasize the eyelid on the outside with a darker eye shadow and allow it to drain to the end of the eyebrow. Put on the inner lid under the complete brow highlighter.

6. Eyes with hiding lows: Prime the lot over the eyelid crease to the brow bow. Apply darker clay along the fold and out. Do without kohl and eyeliner.

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Make-up tips for glowing eyes

A beautiful frame brings a picture to the rays. And that's also true for a great make-up. Six steps that always work.

Primer Tip

So that the eyeshadow color does not settle in the eyelid fold or run, professionals take a so-called eyeshadow base (eg from Artdeco), which is distributed from the eyelash edge to the brow.

Brush trick

Eyebrows with an upward swing make the eyes look more alert. Therefore, brush all hairs upwards. Tames stubborn brows: spray hair spray on the eyebrow brush first.


Eyeliner with gray kohl is extra fit for the day because it emphasizes the eyes so soft. Pull all the way along the eyelash edge. Draw a triangle to the eyelid fold and blur - makes the eyes bigger.


Eyeshadow in rosewood is ideal because it makes every eye color very subtle shine. Brush on a movable eyelid with an applicator brush. Hide the color towards brows.

Fresh kick

Emphasizes the brow arch beautifully, makes your tired eyes cheerful and acts like a mini-lift: e-colored eyeshadow, which is applied with the sponge applicator below the eyebrows.

Professional ink

For a great swing, bend the eyelashes with the eyelash curler before washing. Apply mascara from neck to tip with zigzag movements. This distributes the color more evenly.

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