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It does not always have to be the sauna: footbaths, warm wraps or hot mud wraps are also good - and strengthen the immune system.

Hot air is very healthy and strengthens the immune system. So off to the sauna? Not necessarily. Because you can relax under full steam even at home.

steam bath

When the autumn storms rage outside, make your snuff nose inside: The fragrance of mint, chamomile, tea tree oil frees the sinuses. How to do it: Put two to three drops of an essential oil in a bowl of hot water, gently tilt it over the rising steam, pull a towel over your head and inhale and exhale deeply through your nose for a few minutes, closing your eyes. For cough, we recommend a herbal steam bath with black cumin. After inhalation, rest for one to two hours. Even if you do not catch a cold, you can treat yourself to a steam bath with aromatic oils such as orange, jasmine or wild rose.

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Artificial fever

In winter we are particularly hot on a soothing bath. Not only is our soul warmed up, a dip in the tub also heats the body's defenses: body temperature rises, blood circulates better, and the immune system is positively influenced. The perfect water temperature is 37 degrees and should slowly climb to 40 degrees. With a hay flower extract, the comforting effect can be increased even more. This "artificial fever" comes to its full development when you go to bed immediately after bathing: Wrap yourself in a bathrobe and blanket, so you sweat quickly. Put on dry clothes after an hour - and then sleep through really nice.

mud wraps

Anyone who has already been pampered with healing mud, mud or fango at the spa hotel knows how well they feel after such a treatment. Skin, muscles and connective tissue are heated, tensions dissolve, pain disappears. The minerals in the mud help against rheumatism, algae-containing applications have a detoxifying effect and relieve cellulite. But this is also at home: prepackages of mud, algae or bog for mixing are available in pharmacies and drugstores. Depending on the manufacturer, the mass is heated in a water bath or oven, applied with a brush or spatula about two centimeters thick and covered with warm towels or cling film. This increases the warming effect. Leave for at least 20 minutes, then rest.

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