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DIY Flower Pop up Card 6-Paper Crafts-Handmade Craft (May 2019).


Greeting cards can be used to redefine this guide. Make a nice notebook out of it! We'll show you how to do it in a simple step-by-step tutorial.

From the greeting card to the notebook

We collect beautiful greeting cards from passion. They also? But is not it a pity to make the great cards in the drawer or shoebox disappear? In a jiffy you can conjure notebooks, homework booklets or small cookbooks out of greeting cards.
And if you pull out your notebook, you'll surely be attracted to this great idea.

What do you need for that?

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  • of course greeting cards or postcards
  • a set square or ruler
  • different papers
  • a cutter
  • Bookbinding thread (if you do not have one at hand, then it works well with a strong sewing thread)

How does it work now?

Take different papers and fold them in the middle. Depending on which ruling you prefer to write, choose checkered, lined or blank sheets. It looks especially nice when you use colored leaves, which are adapted to the greeting card. Make sure, however, that the color is not too dark for you to read legibly. After the papers are folded, put them together.
Now place the papers in the greeting cards. Draw the format of the card. Note that the paper should be slightly smaller than the card, so that it does not protrude unpleasantly.

Align the ruler

Now align the ruler or triangle along the marker. Lay the nested pages on a cutting or crafting pad.

Cut the material

Never take too many leaves at a time to prevent them from slipping when cutting. Use a cutter along the ruler to cut off the excess paper.

Putting notebook together

Now insert the insides into the greeting card.

Prepare sewing together

Mark the punctures in the inside of the papers with the ruler.

Sew together and finish

Drill all holes with the needle from the inside. Start sewing in the middle hole, from the outside. Pull the bookbinding thread in the form of an "8" through the 3 holes. Then knot the thread and cut. Your greeting card notebook is ready! Of course, you can crop the map's size so that you get special sizes (for example, a square). Especially nice is that on the back inside of the card are still the congratulations of the deliverer. So you can always enjoy the nice lines again!

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