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A perfume can smell so wonderful, the real star is the bottle. We introduce: creative designers and their designs for eternity

Bottle designer

Looks just as good as it smells: "L'Agent" by Joe Corré, founder of the lingerie label "L'Agent Provocateur", smells of saffron, coriander and magnolia. 100 ml EdP 60 Euro.

A brand new perfume that smells irresistibly good and looks the same: John Galliano naturally thought of love in "Parlez-moi d'Amour". We sniff rose, jasmine, blueberry and ginger (from March, 30 ml EdT 39 Euro).

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The best-selling fragrance in the world is still "Chanel N ° 5", Madame Coco composed it in 1921 by Ernest Beaux.

Jean Paul Gaultier caused a sensation in 1993 with his torso "Classique", also because he was packed in a tin box.

1925, four years after the appearance of Chanel No. 5, "Shalimar" by Jacques Guerlain launched his triumphal march.

Fabien Baron, 51, a Frenchman resident in New York, has minimalism
raised to the trademark. Let's look forward to his latest coup coming out this year: Versace Vanitas.

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