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The reading lounge - our book recommendations for you

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In the reading lounge we recommend our favorite books. Find the right book for your next vacation, as a cozy read on the couch or as a gift. With us you will regularly find the best novels, guides and cookbooks.

Recommended reading

More space for luck

Our book tip for a tidy soul life.

Take Five

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Fabulous cooking with only 5 ingredients

Our book tip for the sophisticated kitchen without bulk purchase.

Guinness World Records 2017

Crazy records from the kitchen

These records are part of the new Guinness World Records 2017.


Book highlights of our neighboring countries 2016

Discover our favorite literature of the year 2016 that touches the heart,


Cozy reading happiness

Book tips for rainy autumn days

Outside there is bad weather?


Recommended reading

The principle of cooking

Relaxed reading luck

Our book tips for your summer vacation

Recommended reading

Weber's barbecue Bible

Recommended reading

The hat of the President of Antoine Laurain

A charming story that encourages you to try something new.

book tips

The book classics

Timeless classics and a must for all book lovers - you should have read these books!

book tips

Give away books

Looking for a present? We have great book tips for you!

book tips

holiday reading

With new reading material relaxed on vacation - free book tips are here!

Nice to read aloud

The most beautiful children's books

Reading lesson is something very special for children.

Recommended reading

Love with two unknowns

Our book tip for your vacation.

FOR YOU Edition

Guide of women for women

On your next short break in a European city, the FOR YOU travel guide should not be missing.

Audio Books

Jojo Moyes

With her novels she moves the readers to tears.

book tips

Favorite books of the editorship

We especially recommend these books to you.

book tips

Nutritional Counselor

Fasting, lightning diet or long-term conversion?

book tips

Biographies & Destiny

Whether actor, singer, politician or celebrity chef - by now almost every celebrity has written a book about his life. Which biographies are really exciting, you can find out here.

book tips

travel literature

Distant countries, other customs, beautiful landscapes - let yourself be enchanted and inspired by the impressing travel books.

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