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Stars Interview: Harald Krassnitzer

Tatort-Verlade mit Adele Neuhauser und Harald Krassnitzer | Verstehen Sie Spaß? (May 2019).


In his new ARD series, he gives the conflict solver. And even in real life, he does not shy away from arguments. Unless it's about his beard

Profile Harald Krassnitzer

  • Born:September 10, 1960 in Salzburg.
  • Career:He is the Viennese "crime scene" commissioner Moritz Eisner, was "The Winzerkönig" and "The mountain doctor". In April, "Tatort: ​​Counted" was awarded the Grimme Prize.
  • Private:He has been married to actress Ann-Kathrin Kramer since 2009. Son Leo comes from Kramer's relationship with Jan Josef Liefers. The family lives in Wuppertal.

In the new ARD series "Paul Kemp - Everything No Problem" Harald Krassnitzer (53) gives a mediator on conciliation mission. So we talk about fighting and contracts. And about non-perfection. It is fitting that we meet in Hamburg's sophisticated hotel "Atlantic", where behind perfectly façade planks knelt imperfectly - in a very charming way.

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Mr. Krassnitzer, what is a mediator?

A conflict solver. With its own technique of psychoanalytic and psychological knowledge.

How did you prepare for the role? Quarreled a lot, tolerated a lot?

(Laughs.) No, I've often met with our consultant Ed Watzke, who has actually experienced many of the stories he's done. The important thing is that the mediator knows when to retire from a story. And make sure that the counterparties can find the result themselves. Getting them there is the job of the mediator.

Vibration competence is required?

Yes, and he should never be suspected of representing the interests of any conflicting party. That is not always easy. We humans like to take sides.

How do you resolve conflicts privately?

Expressing things in time and being as open as possible, these are my methods. Meanwhile, I also have some life experience and know when a conflict is pending.

And what does quarreling and contracts mean to you?

Anyone who claims that arguing is stupid does not live right. A crash is one of the essential requirements for further development. You should also fight things out. Often you also need the confrontation to be able to name the problem at all. That may sound funny, but arguing is important to me, although it does not have to be commonplace.

Now Austrians are considered "the flower of the flower". Your wife Ann-Kathrin Kramer, on the other hand, is very direct, you say - how compatible is that?

Outstanding. She knows my code and I know her. And once you have cracked it and know the characteristics or cultural characteristics, you do not always take everything at face value. As a result, situations often lose focus.

Does your wife really like your beard?


You wear it anyway. Do you also face conflicts?

Well, he's annoying me after three weeks.

That's a long time!

(Laughs) After about two weeks, the first time comes: when are you going to shave yourself again? The third week I actually sit out - but then he scratched anyway and must go.

You once said to yourself, "I sometimes indulge in the luxury of being imperfect." What does your imperfection look like?

She's sitting right in front of you: not shaved, tangled hair, a little tired. I am not always politically correct, moody. I do not work then and want to be unsympathetic and undisciplined (laughs).


Yes, that gives you the closest proximity to yourself. I take a day, need air, scream, howl or fart.

Your serial wife is cheating on you. How would you react in such a case?

When it comes to a role, I would know exactly how to react to it. But as a private person, I find it difficult to go into this hypothetical area. But I think I'm very similar to Paul Kemp.

Why did you move to Wuppertal then?

Because I've never measured my life situation by the importance of places, but by whether I feel comfortable. And because our relationship has proven that Wuppertal was the best place for our nuclear family with son Leo. Anne's parents lived next door, and the rural area with manageable structures was and is ideal. There people pay attention to each other.

How is your patchwork family?

I would not call it Patchwork, but I think the solution is optimal. Jan Josef is our guest, visiting the Leo whenever he can. It is eaten together, he stays with us, the boys do something together - all this is stress-free, without resentment, without organizational madness. It does justice to the situation, not the concept.

Mr Krassnitzer, you once said that you set up mobile-free time zones. Do you still do that?

Yes, much to the chagrin of many of my friends and business partners (laughs).

How long does such a phase last?

It can take two weeks.

So you also like to be silent?

Silence. If the interview time were not over, I would have agreed to a silence duel. Next time, Mr. Krassnitzer.

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