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Whether the summer holidays are just around the corner or just to have more time for yourself and your job - parents' great concern is always the same: how do we employ the children?

Summer Au Pair

Summer is for many the best time of the year. But for many parents a real challenge. Because the kindergarten and the school have holidays. Anyone who does not get a holiday job needs an alternative. One possible idea: a summer au pair. The summer au-pair lives as a daughter or temporary son during the summer months in the family home and gives the parents free rein, taking care of the children and helping with small household chores. While the parents work as usual, the au pair plays with the children, accompanies them to the swimming pool, cooks at noon or makes small trips. Also in the evening the au pair can spontaneously babysit here and there. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed movie night with friends. Best of all, the child stays in his familiar surroundings and can easily get used to the au pair.

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Vacation already booked?

Of course, depending on which country the au pair comes from and in which country the family wants to travel, the au pair can also accompany the family on holiday and look after the children there. Although the family has to pay for the costs of the au pair, the children are well looked after on site. For example, parents can simply relax on the beach, read a book in peace, or have dinner together in the evening, while the children are cared for by the au pair.

Mutual cultural exchange

And what does the au pair expect in return? In addition to a private room in the house or the apartment of the family, free meals and a pocket money, the au pair is mainly about family connection and cultural exchange. The au pair wants to get to know another culture and improve his language skills. This benefits the whole family and the children learn a lot. Also for a summer au pair, a minimum stay of two to three months is recommended so that the au pair and the family have time to get to know each other and to get used to each other.

Au-pair for a whole year

A summer au-pair is especially suitable for families who want to have an au pair for the first time. They find out so quickly whether this care option is right for them. "If the summer au pair is doing well, why not take an au pair for a long time, " Uwe Regenbogen himself advises father of three children, who has already taken twelve au pairs in his family.

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