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Youth, Ideas and Business, the keys of change! | Hezha Mohammed | TEDxDuhok (May 2019).


That nothing is as exciting as their own everyday life, these three successful entrepreneurs prove

It started with anxiety and sweats, mostly at night. At the time, Susanne Preiss suspected for the first time that her job as a customer consultant in an advertising agency was going over her head. She was in her mid-twenties, working 16 hours a day: around 7 pm, the first pizza was ordered, and anyone working longer than 11 pm was allowed to take a taxi at company expense. "I loved that and did not realize that I had forgotten to take breaks, " says Preiss today.
Then her husband went abroad professionally, and she went along, at first full of plans for work. In Shanghai came the aha experience: people stood in a meadow in a park, moving in slow motion. Susanne Preiss realized that she completely lacked this peace in her life. She offered money to the man who led the group to join. The Qigong master, however, rejected her. But Price came again, morning after tomorrow. Eventually he gave in and she got a lesson: she should stand like a tree for ten minutes. After the practice, he said: You're going to do this alone for 99 days, then come back.
It was an exercise in humility that Susanne Preiss still held, "because I realized that stopping me was good." She learned more Qigong - and found that she slept better, felt more relaxed. Over time, she realized: I want to pass that on. To people who are just like me then. Since then, she has been offering weekend and four-day stress management courses. There are managers, housewives, nurses, often people who are all too much. And most of the time, they only need a few hours to feel a first change. Meanwhile, she gets offers to put the whole thing on bigger legs. But Susanne Preiss refuses: She also wants to have time for herself and her two children. And air to breathe.,

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