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New Year's Eve New Year's Eve with Pets: Stress-free New Year

Horror moment horse collapses in middle of London's New Year's Day parade (June 2019).


Böller, blitz and rockets: What makes people happy on New Year's Eve is tormenting for most four-legged friends. Many animals react with fear, cowering or panicking. We have the best tips on how to help your pets over this time.

New Year's Eve - nightmare of many pets

Dogs are about four times as good as humans, cats have an even finer pitch. The loud, popping and whistling sounds therefore often cause anxiety and panic in our pets on New Year's Eve.We have the best tips to make your New Year's Day as stress-free as possible for your pet .

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Birds, small animals and cats on New Year's Eve

The cage of birds and small animals should be housed covered in a quiet room with closed windows. Cats, who are used to daily clearance, must be brought in the house in time and should spend the New Year's Eve inside.

Dogs on New Year's Eve

Go Dogs: Dogs should be kept on a leash, as both exploding boulders and - apparently edible - firecrackers lying around can harm your dog. On New Year's Eve, you should make the last round in time for the big fireworks.

Do not leave it alone: ​​You should not leave your dog alone at New Year's Eve. At best, stay close to your pet to scare your darling.

Stay inside: Even dogs that show no fear should not be taken outside at the turn of the year. There is a risk of injury from bangers, also the sulfur vapor can irritate their mucous membranes.

Creating a retreat: Place the dog basket in a quiet, secluded room and darken the windows. Even a quiet radio distracts your pet from the New Year's Eve.If your four-legged friend crawls behind the sofa, you should not lure it out.

Do not comfort: In anxious dogs, it is important not to comfort them, otherwise they feel encouraged in their uncertainty. A worried master gives his dog the impression that there is a real danger. You should ignore the uncertainty of your dog, as little as possible to respond to the anxious behavior and signal it safety. Try to radiate peace and serenity, distract your four-legged friend and play with him.

Sedative: If you know from experience that your dog shows extreme behavior on New Year's Eve, that is, refuses to eat, shakes violently or whines incessantly, you should consult the veterinarian in advance. This can prescribe soothing supplements that make New Year's Eve more relaxing for everyone involved.

We wish you and your feathered or furry darlings a happy new year!

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