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New Year's Eve is just the right occasion to let off steam when it comes to table decoration: It should sparkle, sparkle and, if possible, also make noises. With our great DIY deco ideas, the turn of the year can only be a success. Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve party in the bag

Just get some plastic bags and fill them with blasts and table fireworks. The highlight is a milky white envelope that you can fill with confetti and label appropriately. Put the confetti envelope in the sachet so that you can still read the inscription well, then close it with a nice gift ribbon and distribute it as a colorful table decoration in the seats of the guests. This is how the New Year's Eve countdown can come!

Countdown Bags

The principle of Countdown Bags is similar to the advent calendar. Each guest has a filled paper bag in its place, but similar to a surprise bag the contents are uncertain. There is a clock on the bag that shows a different time on each copy. For each full hour (or half an hour) opens a guest his bag, which is filled with many small surprises or tasks. So time flies by midnight and fun and excitement are guaranteed.

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Confetti Bouquets

The small confetti bouquets are quickly homemade and a wonderfully colorful table decoration for New Year's Eve:Just roll up a sheet of colorful paper and fix it with a tape, so that a small bag is created. Then put some confetti in the bags and combine them into small bouquets and place them in matching vases. If a guest wants to give free rein to his euphoria on New Year's Eve, he can use the confetti at any time.

reminder glass

It's best to start by collecting empty jam jars: Every guest can look forward to a great memory glass on New Year's Eve, where they can collect wish lists, notes, tickets or photos of the coming year. These memories help in exactly 356 days to reconstruct the past year. A fantastic deco idea on New Year's Eve - your guests will be happy and the first memories may come up on New Year's Eve.

Hard nuts to crack

Surprise your loved ones on New Year's Eve with the promise to crack all the hard nuts of the New Year together. Fill a transparent bag with closed walnuts and a star nutcracker. Whether you want to design and print the label yourself or prefer to make it by hand is your decision. But one thing is certain: the joy of this dear gift will be huge.

"Hello 2017" sparklers

The last, beautiful DIY idea for the table decoration on New Year's Eve are these sparklers. Simply cut a slightly thicker piece of paper, label, decorate and put some sparklers in the flap. The lettering "Hello 2017" would of course be particularly good. Whether next to the plate or just in the middle of the table - the cute sparklers provide conversation and look just golden.

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