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Surgeon who branded livers of patients fined £10,000 (June 2019).


Who likes to "handle" the doctor? Long waiting times, bad advice and expensive extra services are part of everyday practice - but you can defend yourself against much

Lurk for four months on the doctor's appointment. Then sit forever in the waiting room. And when it finally comes, the treatment is over after three minutes already over. Today, as a patient, one often feels like a cost that is pushed back and forth. No wonder that, according to a recent survey by the GfK market research institute, two-thirds of Germans claim to have annoyed their doctor at least once. The most frequent reasons: too long waiting times, too short treatments, rudeness of the doctors.

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Complicated relationship

The relationship between doctor and patient has become more problematic overall. This is not the will of the doctors, they must finally implement the health care reforms. This gives them less money for individual treatment - especially the patient interview. Consequences: Consultation hours are often reduced, before the end of a quarter close many practices or urgent appointments are postponed. Many doctors do not even deny that private patients are given preferential treatment. At the same time, patients are more emancipated than before. Once the "demigods in white" were considered authorities - what they said was done. "Today, patients are informed in advance via magazines, the internet and advice literature. They want to meet the doctor at eye level, "explains Kai Kirchner from the Independent Patient Counseling Service in Erfurt.

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