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Tips To Cure a Hangover | Quint Fit (June 2019).


The last party was terrific, but the receipt is the next morning. Overnight, you were haunted by a nasty hangover that is so hard to shake off? Read here which tricks really help against nausea and booze.

1st tip against hangover: Sleep in

Lack of sleep increases the symptoms of a hangover.Although the night after the party is usually not very long and the quality of sleep is impaired, you should rely on quantitative sleep. In practice that means just turning over again when the sun already wakes you up at 7 in the morning. While we are asleep, we not only recharge the battery of our body, the headaches are much more bearable …

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2nd tip against hangover: The hangover breakfast

When it comes to having the right breakfast after a busy night, you should definitely listen to your body. If the stomach is still very stagnant, porridge can be the right breakfast. In case of headaches, the body may ask for something salty. Here is a rich breakfast with bacon and egg. Just rely on your body and give in to your cravings. Important: Drink a lot of water or tea, because the alcohol has dried out the body.

3rd tip against hangover: Invigorating shower

A shower the next morning not only cleanses the body, but also the soul. It does not even have to be cold water. Warm water relaxes the muscles and a citrus-scented shower gel revives the spirits. Do something really good for yourself and your body, and after you have dried off, get creamy with a fragrant body lotion. If you then slip into a cuddly sweatpants, you feel in your body very fast again.

4. Tip against hangover: home remedies for nausea and headache

Painkillers help only limited against headaches, because the body is already degrading the alcohol and has little capacity to use the active ingredients of a painkiller. A good alternative are essential oils - on the temples, for example, mint oil is very refreshing. It has a particularly relaxing effect when it is massaged. A tried and tested home remedy for nausea, however, is ginger. If the nausea comes in spurts, simply chew on a piece of raw ginger and consciously inhale and exhale.

5. Tip against hangover: fresh air

A walk can do wonders. The circulation is stimulated by the marching and the fresh air clears the head. Just stay in your cuddly clothes for the little exit and just put on a hat. What makes an anti-hangover walk even better: A tea to go.

6. Tip against hangover: Do not let him arise

Pre-party before the party with a rich dinner that includes plenty of carbohydrates, vitamins and healthy fats. During the evening you should drink enough water. The rule of thumb is: a glass of water on a glass of wine. After the party, have a snack at home before going to bed and sleeping with the window open or tilted. Fresh air, water and solid food in the stomach are the basic requirements to escape the nasty hangover.

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