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Hairstyles Instructions: Ombre Hair dye yourself

★ 8 Easy HAIR Color & OMBRE HACKS | MakeupWearables HAIRSTYLES (April 2019).


Hair in Ombre: the bleached tips are a great change from tinting or highlights. FOR YOU gives tips on how to succeed.

This look makes any hair look a bit wild: Ombre is the magic word for a hair color gradient from dark to bright lace.Anyone who just lets out a bleaching get the effect virtually free. Approach is therefore trend. If you have a uniform hair color and would like to try something other than highlighting or tinting, you should try Ombre Hair. And at home, you can achieve this look!

Two bleaches for a great look

One might assume that for Ombre Hair you simply have to bleach the lower third of his hair.But it is not that easy if you follow our instructions, but it still succeeds.

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Material for the Ombre Coloration

  • Choose two different bleachings in the Dorgerie. The brightest is for the lowest part of your tops, the darker for the transition between your remaining hair and the bright tips.
  • Most of the coloring packs are already included in a brush, otherwise this is also on your shopping list.
  • Later use aluminum foil to wrap the strands of paint.
  • An old towel protects your clothes from discoloration.

Let's start: the instructions for the Ombre look

  1. Comb your dry hair well and evenly divide the game above the ears. These are stuck on your head.
  2. The lower part of the hair is divided into two halves at the back of the head and put over the shoulders.

    Updated hairstyles, coloring instructions and hair-related inspirations can be found here.

  3. Now apply with the brush evenly the lighter blonding on the lowest part of the tips and wrap the individual strands in aluminum foil.
  4. Lower your top coat to apply the tips of the highlights with the brightest bleach. Wrap these strands in aluminum foil as well.
  5. Allow the light bleaching to take effect for about 20 minutes and apply the slightly darker color above the light bleaching to create a color gradient. Light and dark bleaching should mix a bit on the hair, so that no hard edges and the ombre effect is perfect.
  6. Now wrap the strands again in aluminum foil and wait for the remaining exposure time of the first Blondungen from.
  7. Check if your hair has taken the color evenly.
  8. Wash out the bleaching thoroughly with shampoo and give a rich care in the tips.
  9. To avoid yellow or greenish blond hair over the long term, apply silver shampoo every other hair wash or second.

Gradient with waves

Here, the classic gradient is set from dark to light. Big waves make the picture look lively and feminine.

Ombre Hair romantic

This hairstyle is not only characterized by the natural-looking color gradient in the long hair of the model, also the playful, romantic wickerwork on the back of the head pleases us! Tip: Try our braiding instructions for dirndl hairstyles, where your ombre hair does not come into its own just for the Oktoberfest.

Gently wavy with Ombre effect in pink

It does not always have to be blonde! Here, slightly wavy, light blond hair by Bonnie Strange was accentuated on the tops with pink. Also a variant that causes a stir!

Stars love Ombre: Dakota Johnson

50 Shades of Gray Star Dakota Johnson loves the Ombre look!

Stars love Ombre: Jessica Alba

In Jessica Alba, the slight lightening seems particularly natural, as it sometimes reaches far up.

Stars love Ombre: Olivia Wilde

As kissed by the sun, the hair of Olivia Wilde appears. The color effect is especially good for Hollywood beauty.

Stars love Ombre: Alexandra Neldel

Ombre Hair also makes Alexandra's hair shine. We know the actress in a variety of blondes. We like this one very much!

Ombre for men

Granted, for men, the Ombre look takes more getting used to, at least if you do it so extremely again this gentleman. Easier transitions would be better for him. Our Ombre alternative tip for him and for you too: Balayage!

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